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Feb 12, 2021
Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Past history would be , I remember the reception the 4 door T-Bird got.How would a 4 door Mustang be received? Ford has plenty of 4 door SUVs, I was surprised that they offered a four door Bronco. They only did it to compete with the four door wrangler.
I work at Ford in engineering and I've got my Bronco reservation. In my personal opinion, I would have been shocked had they told us we were only making a 2 door. The 2 door is a really cool truck and I'm glad we did it. A lot of potential buyers won't consider it because it's a 2 door. The 4 door is a better family vehicle and less of a niche product than the 2 door. Jeep Wranglers sales volumes are higher for 4 door. I think it's about 60% 4 door and will be more since the Gladiator is a 4 door also. Not making the 4 door would have been giving away a ton of potential customers.

We have the Mustang Mach E which is a 4 door. Have to wait and see how it does in sales. The Mustang Mach E GT is going to be responsible for embarrassing a lot of Challengers, Camaros and ICE Mustangs at red lights with it's 3 second 0 to 60 times.
Why do people not like doors? If you have back seats have back doors.