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May 20, 2020
Rindge, NH, USA
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My story on this one started in 2011. It all started with a set of 5.5 lift coils, that was it. Through finding deals, support from friends, chasing parts and possible barn finds I am at where i am today. I decided to go fiberglass as I live in the North east and this will be primarily my daily driver when done. The truck now has 5.5 lift with long arms, shock hoops, 1" integrated body lift with all nickel tubing and plated graded 8 hardware or stainless fasteners. 351 roller block with 4R70W transmission and a twin sticked Dana 20. New driveshafts by Tom Woods with 4.56's with an ARB front and a traction locked rear riding currently on 36x14.50x15 on polished slot wheels. Been getting closer to run in the last few weeks with hopefully first trail ride by fall. Thanks for listening and can't wait to see some more awesome rigs on here!


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