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May 31, 2020
Allegan, MI, USA
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I got nothing from Ford. You've got to be impressed with their consistency. They must be writing a "How to make the worst possible rollout for an admired American icon" manual. Step 1: overpromise and under deliver. Step 2: communicate nothing. Step 3...
Come on man…..don’t rain on our parade.

The broncos are coming!
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Jan 24, 2021
Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
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I got the package yesterday too. I smiled, it's an expensive gesture and about all they can offer right now, so I can't fault them for trying.
Yeah, mine was suffering from some delamination and honeycombing issues (manufactured by Webasto I believe) but I’m not so rude as to look a gift Bronco in the mouth. It’s a nice gesture, and I will find a frame and hang it in my office with pride.

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Jun 24, 2021
Conroe, TX
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This is cool, I just got a limited edition print in the mail from Ford that shows early concepts to final design sketches.
Curious..... if you are 6/30 blend date? My thought is those of us seeing build date of 7/15 in driveways is SICKENING! I understand all of the $$$/Prod blah blah..
So this is Ford way of saying sorry! F.. that... gimme 2 million points as I wake up every morning to my neighbor (who I am very happy for...E#@@#)*#@*)
who was built 7/15 admires his new Bronco! TALK ABOUT A LOYAL CUSTOMER GETTING SMACKED BACK TO child envy and jealousy....I suppose I am only now realizing
with all the rigamaroo the wolrd has put us all through recently.......I was counting on a WIN! Maybe a little selfish and materialistic. But Gosh tootin' it all starts with how we project our energy outwardly and
FORD you let me down and I am not certain there will be any other choice than ship it to customized heaven for a extened stay in the "Every Upgrade known to Caveman) gets fitted on mine. I will blame FORD when
my wife gets the bill@......
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