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May 20, 2020
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Those wheels look great! How does that gas door work? Does it pop out when you press it in? I had the entire gas door assembly from an F100 metal worked into my '69 tub. Your seat belt mounts are genius. I had the female threads fabricated into my roll bar, but I like your idea better. Is that mount something you can buy somewhere?
Thank you for the kind comments. The wheels are American Racing. As for the gas door, it's an after market push gas door, press to pop. It's a bit of a pain filling though as you have to let it flow slowly due to the neck angle. As for the seat belt mounts, invention is the mother of necessity ( or how to recover from a royal screwup ). After welding it together I was in a rush to get it powder coated. When I picked it up, I noticed straight away that there were no seatbelt bungs where they should have been. They were still in my parts box where I left them! I couldn't weld them in without buggering the powder coat. I found the split collar tube clamps on Amazon along withe the heim joint tube bung. Drilled the collar, welded in the heim bung and powder coated it. There are 6 hex bolts in the collar, thread locked those and the seatbelts are surplus HUMVEE.


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May 18, 2021
Nanaimo British Columbia Canada
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To remove any rust which thankfully isn’t too much. Thought I’d start the process now before the rust gets away on me. A few of the usual places need tending to. Other than that, red pain again. Will strip to frame and rebuilt the drive train as well.
Should be at the 2022 Northwest bronco roundup with the rebuilt rig. Not gonna make 2021 unfortunately. Was hoping to get down there with wild track I ordered.... lol.