Details on Additional Sound Deadening Feature in 2021 Bronco High Package


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Jun 5, 2020
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Hey @David , would you guys please consider doing a quick overview of the speaker systems in the Bronco? We have yet to get firm confirmation on where all the speaker locations are for the B&O system vs the stock system. I understand it's possible to fit more than one speaker into an opening and this very well might be the case for the B&O. However, you could also discuss the material differences of the cones or how Ford worked with B&O to optimize the sound levels given the design of the cabin etc etc. I would REALLY appreciate this as it is one of the main reasons I opted for the Lux package.
Ok, I have a headset (aviation based) and intercom system in my EB (see picture) for all the noise issues encountered at speed on the road... but never considered the B&O sound system for what I am going to be doing with my NB (New Bronco)... enjoying what the trail is offering... Soryy.
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