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Mar 3, 2021
Langley, BC, Canada
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Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

Question for my fellow Canadians - Are we getting as much information and "perks" as our Southern neighbours? I keep reading posts about new emails/information, swag, credits/discounts, etc., but I've gotten very few from the beginning. My dealership is great with providing information but only when I call. I rarely get an email from Ford, plus my Ford account doesn't show any of my order details, although I've been assigned a VIN and build date (which has changed numerous times). It just says "In-store order."

I'm just wondering if I'm alone here or if Canadians are being left behind?

I reserved my Outer Banks about 10 days after. My original build date was back in July... and is now November. Starting to feel defeated.
Fellow Canadian here! Just saw this. I have a good relationship with my salesman & dealer, but he has been in the dark a lot over the past few months as Ford Canada is not so forthcoming about literally anything compared to Ford USA. I ended up calling Ford Canada Customer Relationship Centre & the call was actaully answered by Ford USA anyway & he that the Canadian dealers & customers aren't really getting swag as Ford subsidizes the dealers to keep the prices down already & there is no budget for swag up here unless the dealer gives it themselves.

My original order was reserved 9/14/2020 & placed 1/31/2021 as an Antimatter Blue Outer Banks Sasquatch, but since the massive wait & now Antimatter Blue being discontinued going into the 2022 year, I converted the colour to Eruption Green & upgraded to WildTrak instead. I was told on the phone that the 2022 builds don't even start until sometime in December while they get all the hardtop issues dealt with from the 2021 models, so we'll see.


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Mar 19, 2021
312 East 5th Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7L 1L9, Canada
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I live in Vancouver Canada. Ordered WT, 2D, Lux Package, tow package. Order converted from reservation on Jan 1, 2020. Still waiting, my ordered no longer shows up on No information or communication from dealer unless I ask. No info or perks from Ford. Super pissed off. Guess I got spoiled from all the attention and care I use to get from my BMW dealer.


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Oct 9, 2021
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None, Nada, Niet, nothing... No swag , no emails, no info unless you call regularly your dealer, is a joke.