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Jan 1, 2021
Maricopa, AZ
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I hope somebody from Ford motor company monitors this forum. We searched around our area for a Ford bronco that my son was just dying to have a 2021 bronco we found the only one in the area and purchased it. Three weeks later it stopped running properly on his way to work and I had to be towed to the dealership and there it sits for a week. Now they’re saying they have to remove the transmission completely to find out what’s wrong. This is totally Horrifying and Ford motor company when I tried to call three times ended up pushing me over to the national highway safety department. That didn’t make a whole Lotta sense. They just don’t want to deal with pissed off customers. Does it make sense for them to want to remove the whole transmission just to diagnose the problem? I feel like that is a serious Degradation of the newness of the vehicle. Sorry but I have to bitch to somebody. Ford doesn’t care, and the dealer is annoyed that were even complaining.
Wow his Bronco Sport already took a dump?!


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Mar 3, 2021
Tulsa, OK, USA
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my local Ford dealership shows this on the current inventory.
I called and they said it was likely in transit.
The lady I spoke with knew nothing about it.
My Bronco specialist is gone till Monday .

I am “assuming” he has possession of it and it is a dealer demo , and he is driving it around to get used to it.
I posted here because it appears to be a base model.
“You can view the window sticker if you visit the on line site”.
Riverside Ford of Tulsa.