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  1. Rgwinn

    Stroppe Bronco

    Had the opportunity to visit The Brothers collection in Salem Oregon today, they had an amazing example of an early Stroppe Baja Bronco. here’s a video overview of the collection, mainly super cars and muscle cars. Some very rare and one off examples.
  2. Rgwinn

    Found Mine

    Just happened to be driving by my local Ford dealer and saw my Bronco, so I jumped in and drove away. :D Vehicle Details - 4-Door First Edition - Rapid Red Reserved on 07/13/20 Ordered On 03/03/21 Got VIN on 08/25/21 Scheduled for Production on 09/03/21 Production week 10/25/21 Window...
  3. Rgwinn

    BuzzyBud’s Words of Wizdom

    Many of you may know that BuzzyBud was an early member of BN, he and I joined at the same time. Over the year plus, he has contributed many valuable insights about the Bronco, and was always engaging other members in discussion. He had an early very strong passion for the new Bronco and the...
  4. Rgwinn

    How are the Broncos holding up?

    So I’m curious, how are all the Off-Roadeo Broncos holding up after months of doing the trails? Any catastrophic failures? Broken parts? Seems that the all the Off-Roadeo courses are a great test bed for durability.
  5. Rgwinn

    Built! 10/29 (Submitted to Plant - Scheduled Oct 25th) (Blend date 10/27)

    Got an email from my dealer today “Your Bronco got submitted to plant today” is this preview on the dealers side? Hopefully I get an email with my VIN this week. :unsure: Got a Sunday email, Our current estimate for delivery to Skyline Sales, Inc. is between November 23, 2021 and November 29...
  6. Rgwinn

    Recovery Demo

    @Laura a suggestion for the recovery demos at the Off-Roadeo, get @Ford Motor Company to send you some of these Warn recovery kits to demonstrate the needed items.
  7. Rgwinn


    Welcome to my Brother @TheOtherGwinn Spent the Day in Vegas at Off Roadeo? I think he’s ready to sell his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon now
  8. Rgwinn

    Day 1 Vegas Off-Roadeo

    Ok. So far day 1 is pretty cool. Kudos to the team. Many pics to come today Schedule: Day started at 8am arrived at 7:30am
  9. Rgwinn

    Event transportation

    Does Bronco Off-Roadeo provide transportation to and from the event?
  10. Rgwinn

    Hennessey Velociraptor Bronco

    Another offering from Hennessey;
  11. Rgwinn

    MAP Shutdown

    Michigan Assembly Plant — which just launched production of the highly-anticipated Ford Bronco, and also builds the Ford Ranger — will be down the weeks of July 5 and July 26 due to "an unrelated part shortage," Ford said...
  12. Rgwinn

    First Edition Email - 6/25/21

    Here is the latest email from Ford
  13. Rgwinn

    Today’s email

    I would really like someone at Ford to explain why they did not prioritize First Editions over other models for scheduling production with hardtops. My daughter has a production date for her Wildtrak that she reserved after my FE.
  14. Rgwinn

    What size lift? (All Generations)

    Here’s a short article from The Dirt 4WheelParts Factory; Ford Bronco Tire & Lift Guide: What Fits
  15. Rgwinn

    Photo Request Wildtrak

    Need a photo of the door sticker on a Wildtrak. Chasing down info on the Transmission code and I have an insight that the WT may have the 10R80 transmission while the others may have the 10R60. Thanks in Advance
  16. Rgwinn

    Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) Shutdown

    Ford just sent out a notice that MAP will be shutting down for 2 weeks may 17th & May 24th
  17. Rgwinn

    NORRA Mexican 1000 Baja rally - Stock Badland

    This is pretty cool stock Badlands on 33” tires placed 3rd in rally! NORRA Mexican 1000 Baja rally “Bronco has a long, successful history racing down here, so we wanted to put the new one to the test as our final Built Wild Extreme Testing validation – and it exceeded our every expectation for...
  18. Rgwinn

    Sync 4 12” Screen

    So, we picked up our F150 Platinum on Monday, I can say that the new Sync 4 system is pretty impressive. Having wireless Apple CarPlay is a very nice feature. The screen seems very responsive and the features are easy to get to. I did order a screen protector from, and I ordered...
  19. Rgwinn


    My neighbor at my Brothers house in Sacramento
  20. Rgwinn

    Reason #92

    Another reason I’m looking forward to my Bronco is, uniqueness. :geek: Next time you’re out driving around your city, count how many Wranglers you see. I just ran to the grocery store and back and counted seven!