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    MY22 MSRP…

    And that, my friend, is the secret of the ooze.
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    Bronco News: Delivered Hard Tops Will Be Replaced, Other Hard Top Builds Maybe Delayed

    So with all of this happening, does it seem like that soft top orders are going to get moved up then?
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    1989 Ecto-1

    Jesus Mary and Joseph this is the greatest thing I've ever seen! NOBODY STEPS ON A CHURCH IN MY TOWN
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    :( Hope You’re Ok!!

    Hope they're a good sport about the whole thing.
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    Called ford customer service

    To confirm - she said that build and vins will be sent within 30-45 days of your vehicle being produced or within 30-45 days EVERYONE with an order will get a schedule, even if it's months out?
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    Long Term Care

    So, I've never owned a new vehicle. Particularly not one with a twin turbo engine. I am (like most of us) very interested in doing what I need to do in order get a long life (200k+ miles) out of this vehicle. So! What are some things I should keep in mind, particularly early on, to set myself...
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    Soft Top anyone??

    I actually really want a soft top...but I only placed a reservation on June 9th. My dealer hasn't yet placed the order for my 4 door badlands, and I'm not sure why.
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    Ford's Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended --- Plus Some Lows

    So - here's a question. Since they have the capacity to build four-door soft tops for dealer someone who only placed a reservation 12 days ago and am waiting for my dealer to submit my order.... can they even submit my order? is there now an opportunity because I actually want the...
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    Will I get my Bronco by the end of 2021?

    What I'm wondering is, is it even possible to sill place an order for MY21? I only reserved two weeks ago, and placed an order shortly thereafter but my dealer still hasn't submitted it to Ford. Which, is fine if they're not accepting them and I have to wait until MY22 (which he hasn't told me)...
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    Soft top vs hard top

    So you just ordered the soft top, right? Not the MIC?
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    Soft top vs hard top

    Yeah I hear all that. I don't ever leave anything in my car anyway and I think I value the ability to easily throw it back when I want to and not have to worry about storing it. I will keep an eye out for an after market hard top and a roof rack for the soft top
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    Soft top vs hard top

    Following as I am doing the same thing. OP where are you located?
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    Las Vegas Off Roadeo Entrance

    how far outside of Vegas was that location? I'm in LA so seems like that'll be my spot
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    Las Vegas Off Roadeo Entrance

    have they scheduled these yet?
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    Sasquatch or naw…

    I went badlands non. Figure I've never done any off roading in my life so (reluctantly) not going to start with the Rubicon trail. Plus, the videos I've seen the 33''s seem pretty capable. But - what the hell do I know. I drive a Mazda CX5 at the moment.
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    Model Year 2022 Order Bank

    I'm pretty sure my order doesn't include too many of those restraints. 4 Door badlands, soft top, non sasquatch, no towing package. I did opt for the Lux though - we'll see! Who knows - at this point all I can do is speculate and fantasize. (So far, in my own mind, I've gone on several...
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    Model Year 2022 Order Bank

    I only placed my order with my dealer last week and it was actually for a MY21! I'm presuming it has something to do with it being one of (if not the) largest Ford dealerships in the nation (Galpin)
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    Any Interest in Southern California Bronco Events?

    yes!!! I am very much in. I also heard there is a non-official bronco meet up in big bear every year! How do I get on your so cal list?
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    Non-Squatch Outer Banks

    oh and it's a different interior that looks way better! and the tires are a little more capable but not the sasquatch. Fine, done.