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    Making Progress on the Journey to Owning a Bronco!

    After a 64-minute wait, I got through to a genuinely nice customer support person within the Ford Marketing Division at 1-800-334-4375, option #3. I called to change my Bronco dealer to one who should have more allocations as based on the MY22 allocation formula. Although we had a very pleasant...
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    Bronco Support Team – Telephone Conversation.

    This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with a genuinely nice and well-trained customer support person on the Bronco Support Team at 1-800-334-4375. I was able to obtain this number from an equally nice person at the Ford Customer Support number 1-800-392-3673. (I tend to be a calm...
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    Will It Make It? Part 1 - Pomeroy Lake Trail

    Mitch has been busy working with Bronco Nation to create an awesome new series to help Bronco owners. The locations are breathtaking, the video capture is amazing and Mitch is at his best. (aka @mitchcreel ) The series will entertain and educate as off-road trails are explored in the BN...
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    Green Trail Ride at AOAA in Pennsylvania

    For those of us who attended or plan to attend Off-Roadeo New Hampshire, this video is for you! Lots of trees, rocks, and mud. Nice! Look for the three switchbacks in the video. AOAA has four levels of difficulty, green, blue, black, and red.
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    Northwest Bronco Roundup 2021

    If you love seeing the interaction of owners within the Bronco community, this video is for you. Although our very own @mitchcreel could not be there, his Bronco loving family carried the ball. You will learn many key take-aways, such as the seamless integration of the 2021 Bronco within the...
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    2021 Ford Bronco Production – Sept 12, 2021.

    For those of us who seek a daily dose of 2021 Bronco images, this video is for you!
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    Should I trade my Jeep? – Justin B McBride

    I have attached another excellent video by our very own @justinbmcbride . I always enjoy Justin’s style of straight-up honest opinions. That approach is refreshing in a world of hard sell marketing. Coming from an official “Bronco Ambassador” just adds to how effectively he can walk the fine...
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    Wild Horses Off-Road at Off-Roadeo Texas

    If you like the YouTube videos produced by Wild Horses, you need to view this one. The content, editing and message to the viewers is amazing. Mitch and his team are among the best YouTube content creators. Kudos to our very own @mitchcreel . Well, done! PS - If you enjoy this video, please...
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    Off Road Consulting – Training for New Bronco Owners.

    If you attended Off-Roadeo like me, you have an idea of the Bronco capabilities and your skill set. So now, what are the next steps? For me, I seek to map out a journey which includes both fun and instruction with like-minded off-road enthusiasts. Approximately 6.5-hour drive from my home...
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    Blue Oval Production Week Scheduling Plan - Week of 08/23/21

    This is the tentative scheduling plan for the production period. This is just a guide for scheduling. This information is tentative and may change at any time. THIS INFORMATION APPLIES TO UNSCHEDULED ORDERS ONLY.
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    Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.

    For those who purchase a 2021 Ford Bronco soft top and seek an after market hard top, this might be a company to consider. Quality Fiberglass Fenders & Bedsides | Advanced Fiberglass Concepts ( On 8/23/2021, I asked John at Advanced Fiberglass Concepts the following question...
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    New Hampshire Off-Roadeo In-Depth Experience – Part 3 Lessons learned

    In many ways, this is the most difficult section to write. During and after Off-Roadeo, I found myself to be very happy. The analysis of why and distilling those feelings into specific useful statements is never easy. But here goes. I believe some of us may wish to visit multiple Off-Roadeo...
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    New Hampshire Off-Roadeo In-Depth Experience - Part 2 Curriculum

    First off, if you read nothing else, please read this paragraph. I my view, you need to attend an Off-Roadeo event. Our journey to owning a Bronco has been challenging and you owe yourself the moments of shear joy you experience throughout the day. You will be surrounded by highly motivated...
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    New Hampshire Off-Roadeo In-Depth Experience - Part 1 Getting Started

    First off, I need to apologize to the gentle reader who might be seeking a quick and easy read. This in an in-depth review which may help you determine if the New Hampshire location in right for you. I will also attempt to describe a few actions you might consider in preparation for your visit...
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    Prepping for Off-Roadeo

    Today I spent time test driving a Badlands 4Door soft top as I prepare for Off-Roadeo tomorrow in New Hampshire. A Jeep Gladiator buddy joined in on the fun. I spent time prior to today viewing the 29 Broncos assigned to the NH location. They will have at least 6 Broncos like this one which...
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    Possible MAP Closure in August

    It is being reported by a member on 6g who is also a member here on BN of a possible MAP closure in August. Our member is @PREMiERdrum @PREMiERdrum Could you please add your insights here?
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    The Bronco Life - Life as an Explorer

    Perhaps many Bronco owners will be drawn to getting off the pavement and exploring their world. Finding trails to explore is part of the fun. Discovering obstacles on the trails adds to the enjoyment. Sharing a meal with friends and finding humor in our actions is all part of the journey. As...
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    When You Are Bored with The Pavement!

    If you are like me, you crave the first time you take your Bronco off-road. During this period of waiting, I began hunting for an easy first-time off-road adventure. Just something off the pavement. I discovered the perfect location only 25 minutes from where I live in New Hampshire. Bingo...
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    Test Drive - Bronco 2-door Outer Banks.

    Heading up the road to Irwin Ford, Laconia, NH to test drive their Bronco 2-door Outer Banks tomorrow, 7/8/21. Appt made for 11:00AM. Should be fun! 2021 Ford, Lincoln Bronco Outer Banks - Ford, Lincoln dealer in Laconia New Hampshire – New and Used Ford, Lincoln dealership serving Tilton...
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    Patches on Headliner?

    Over the past year, I seem to have collected a few patches. Not sure if they will stick to the free sound-deadening headliner. Anyone have experience with patches on the headliner?