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  1. TXArchitect

    Cyber Orange Video

    Check out the First Edition in Cyber Orange at Jordan Ford in San Antonio TX:
  2. TXArchitect

    Big Bend’s are being Delivered!

    Got some photos of a Big Bend in Cactus Grey at my local dealer. Found a little Bronco light gem in the rear storage area. Decent leg and shoulder room. No major blind spot issues like in similar-sized vehicles. Like where all the console controls are located for ease of use on the road.
  3. TXArchitect

    Accessories Available on Ford's Site

    Bronco Sport enthusiasts, now has a number of accessories available to view and price. Some of these are not shown on the Build and Price site. Currently, you cannot select Bronco Sport as a vehicle filter but as you select a category, the Bronco Sport image will...
  4. TXArchitect

    What Color is your Bronco Sport First Edition?

    What did you select for your First Edition Bronco Sport? What color do you wish was available for this trim level?
  5. TXArchitect

    Nation Box Arrived

    Finally got my membership box. The paper graphic is Series 10. Can’t wait to use this in my new Bronco soon!
  6. TXArchitect

    Bronco Sport to Escape Comparison

    Does anyone have a decent image of size comparison between the Bronco Sport and its brother the Escape? Ford's site has them next to each other now under their B+P page (see below image). Good to see how well these fit people, pets and gear.
  7. TXArchitect

    Levity - Testing New Bronco Sport

    Me trying to figure out all the tech on the new Bronco Sport.
  8. TXArchitect

    Texas Back Country Trails

    Hey Nation, just wanted to share some Texas trails for you. Did not see these posted in the Trails & Trips section but I am sure many know of these locations. Add any other nice treks in the Lone Star State. Tread Lightly! KateMCY Rocks - West Texas (Upcoming Bronco Event) Barnwell Mountain -...
  9. TXArchitect

    Great Dealers List

    Anyone get a great dealer for their orders? I am using Jordan Ford in San Antonio Texas. Like some dealers they sent a customer appreciation package. Very responsive. I have found the following were great in service too: Granger Ford in Iowa - Active on Forums, no mark up, refundable $100...
  10. TXArchitect

    Central Texas Native

    Hey all BN members! Just got plugged in today. Looking forward to a new toy for the new year. Reserved a FE Bronco Sport in Cyber Orange. Not sure if that will come in January or March due to the color selection. Maybe someone here has some inside information. I love the backcountry...
  11. TXArchitect

    Tread Lightly!

    Has Bronco Nation or any off-roader here ever thought about teaming up with Tread Lightly! It has some great trail checklists, training, events for young and old. TL has been around for over 30 years promoting outdoor ethics. It promotes respectful trail driving, not to mention hunting...