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  1. Reldn

    Placing my order this week.

    Well, it has been a long and crazy trip, but, I'm finally going to place an order for a Bronco. Got fed up back in December and canceled my reservation and started my search for a '21 4Runner. Come March I managed to snag a '21 SR5 Premium! Been having an absolute blast with it, and got some...
  2. Reldn

    Has this happened to anyone else who switched dealerships?

    Hello all, I have a quick question: I recently switched my reservation over to a different dealer, I got the confirmation email from Ford showing I switched, called the dealership and they confirmed I'm now in their system and my reservation is good to go. However, the $100 that was refunded...
  3. Reldn

    Here I go again...Wildtrak vs Outer Banks this time.

    Well, I thought I was settled and holding firm on the decision to spring for this: 4-door Wildtrak, Area 51 High Package Towing Package Steel bumper Upgraded Bash Plates Side steps possibly leather However, I then ran the numbers on a 4-door Outer Banks similarly built: Area 51 V6 Sasquatch...
  4. Reldn

    Greetings from Missouri!

    Hello all! Always loved the Bronco, but, never owned one before, sadly. Hoping to change that now once the new one hits. Still not sure which I'll end up springing for. I'm torn between the Big Bend and Black Diamond. Eagerly awaiting the configurator, so I can compare builds and prices.