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  1. Bike007b

    September 25th! Awesome

    What an amazing day! My big take away was how I can’t believe how smooth and the rocks we went over! What fun, everyone there was great! I believe Ferris said it best. “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up”. If I ever had questions on getting the...
  2. Bike007b

    Thanks, and my rant.

    Hey I wanted a Bronco a long time ago! I wanted to know what was going on with my vehicle build and production in general. I paid for a reservation ($100 fully refundable at any time, how much was Tesla’s $2000) going in on day 3. Say whatever you like, now I am glad Ford is taking care of the...
  3. Bike007b

    801 Broncos sold in June

    I hope those numbers go up in July.
  4. Bike007b

    Why am I getting emails to buy a Jeep?

    Ok, so since 1984 I have not been on a Jeep dealers lot, I have not responded to a Jeep advertisement (by-the- way, the passenger seat was an option in the cj7 back then). I have not been on a Jeep web site. Why am I being solicited to buy a Jeep? Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. Bike007b

    Rock & Roll. Broncos rolling off the line and to dealers!

    Here we go! I want to watch my Bronco being built. Ford should give you a thumb drive with the video of your ride being built.
  6. Bike007b

    Where am I in line?

    A couple of things I would like to know. A) where am I in line at my dealer. B) where is my dealer inline with Ford. C) with my reservation where does that put me. Then if everything was “normal” I would know hey if you didn’t have “xyz” you would be getting your Bronco. I get it, but wats...
  7. Bike007b

    Name your Bronco!

    So, this may be a little odd, however I believe a lot of people do this. Name your car. my cars: Mustang- Sally Trooper- Jackaroo Accord- princess buttercup Toyota p-up- Ralph So, what to name my new Bronco? Hank? What are you going to name yours?
  8. Bike007b

    How many Broncos will be built?

    How many of Broncos will be built in June? Is the line going to go full speed from day one? And how many will be built each day?