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  1. Rydfree

    Auto start Stop

    I searched but didn't find anything posted previously . Is the Bronco Auto/Start /Stop feature the same as on the current Ranger ? The reason I ask is , I see people paying $100 for a plug in module to permanently disable this feature but on the Ranger all you have to do is unplug one wire at...
  2. Rydfree

    Had to buy another truck ....

    Since I sold my King Ranch back in January ( Thanks Ford for saying you were still on schedule to deliver this summer ) I've been driving my 30 year old Ranger with 327k miles to work everyday . Oil started spewing underneath Wed and it was pouring down raining so couldn't really look into the...
  3. Rydfree

    Just another news story Ford doesn't need.
  4. Rydfree

    Just another Bronco review

    But this one is pretty decent over all .
  5. Rydfree

    Good news about soft tops...

    Webasto can build them sturdy at least ;)
  6. Rydfree

    1st broken Bronco ?

    Not a good sign . Appears his Bronco was rushed through ..
  7. Rydfree

    When did Ford and dealerships know this ?

    I searched and found a post that I made on 6G back in January. It seems my local small dealer already knew . He was spot on correct.
  8. Rydfree

    Lightning or Bronco

    Which one will I see 1st ? My 6th day Bronco res or my 1st minute Lighting ?
  9. Rydfree

    YouTubers getting Broncos early

    So will you be mad if YouTube influencers get a Bronco before your early reservation ? LiteBrite Nation ? Outdoors with the Morgans ? How about this guy ? Rumor is he has one on order just to do his usual thing .
  10. Rydfree

    Lux Pkg highlighted

    A pretty good video from my dealer showing the Lux pkg a bit more .
  11. Rydfree

    Nice take on a Bronco from a Hemi Wrangler owner

    Somewhere around 4:46 he says it will outrun his Jeep ,LOL.
  12. Rydfree

    Why Haven't I got my Bronco ?

    I think the author of this review is as confused as some friends of mine that keep telling me they saw a Bronco on the road somewhere . They keep asking why I haven't got mine yet . "The most anticipated...
  13. Rydfree

    OB Vs New Bronco

    I thought this guy does a good job with the comparison , especially explaining the old GOAT modes :)
  14. Rydfree

    How to take apart the Bronco

    Pretty cool video from MOTOR 1
  15. Rydfree

    Cyber orange in the sunlight

    This is a Ranger Tremor review but it showcases the Cyber orange quite well for those wanting to see the sparkle in the sunlight . 2021 Ford Ranger Tremor | Review & Road Test - YouTube
  16. Rydfree

    Transferring reservation

    i don't recall ever hearing this before about when you transfer a reservation to another dealership that that the prior dealers allocation for your vehicle transfers as well .
  17. Rydfree

    Waiting on our Broncos

    Since the order banks have officially opened and most of us have put in our orders , what will we all be doing to pass the time until that well awaited call to come pick it up comes ? I put most all of my hobbies on hold for the past 5 years as I was clearing land , building a pond and a new...
  18. Rydfree

    Bronco Swag

    If I didn't miss one I have had 13 Ford vehicles over the years with 5 of those being purchased new off the dealer lot . I haver never pre-ordered anything but a couple motorcycles and a few weeks after taking delivery of those I received some swag in the mail from the manufactors . One was a...