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  1. tlowell01

    Good Saturday?

    Can't wait to take a ride!!! So is it everything you were hoping? I haven't driven the 2.7 yet (or an automatic, for that matter). And love the BN sticker on the back!
  2. tlowell01

    Good Saturday?

    @OUcables how has your Saturday been? Anything interesting happen?
  3. tlowell01

    Front License Plates in Connecticut and Other States

    I planned ahead. In 2006, I anticipated that the Bronco would be released 15 years later and a front license plate would look like crap, so I went ahead and packed my bags for Arizona where a front license plate is not required.
  4. tlowell01

    PPF - factory v. aftermarket?

    I had it on my MY'21 build, and my MY'22 build. My saleswoman contacted me that their dealership does a more comprehensive protection film installed onsite with a 10 year warranty for not that much more, so I went ahead and took it off my factory build. Living in Arizona, there are ALWAYS...
  5. tlowell01

    The suspense is killing me.

    What's the difference between Christmas and Bronco delivery date? You know Christmas is always Dec 25th. Bronco delivery date...?????
  6. tlowell01


    VB. I think the brighter colors look the best on the Bronco since it has the dark top, fender flares, big tires, etc, so my decision really came down to VB and Race Red. Ultimately I decided on the blue mostly because I've been driving a red Escape for the last 8 years. I was tempted by...
  7. tlowell01

    Need help switching dealerships in AZ that doesn’t add crazy markups

    I'm not trying to argumentative. I'm trying to be helpful to the OP. It seems people that place their order online or through their dealer (me) may have somewhat different experiences and B&P output. @Jammunition, can you provide more detail (like what @Arrowbear Rider ) provided or a...
  8. tlowell01

    Need help switching dealerships in AZ that doesn’t add crazy markups

    FWIW, I'm at Earnhardt in Chandler and pricing is MSRP with no ADM.
  9. tlowell01

    Need help switching dealerships in AZ that doesn’t add crazy markups

    That is a pricing sheet and agreement from your dealer. That is not B&P. The B&P tool would have no idea what dealership your reservation is with. Even if it did, its not like Ford requires dealers to register how much they are charging as a deposit or as ADM. The OP said he did B&P and...
  10. tlowell01

    Need help switching dealerships in AZ that doesn’t add crazy markups

    A dealer mark up would NOT show up in B&P. B&P is a calculator for MSRP. ADM is on top of MSRP, so there is no way that it could show up into your build's MSRP. Do you have any detail about what drove the $8K price increase? Looking at this thread...
  11. tlowell01

    dealership called

    Has yours been scheduled for build yet/do you have a VIN? If not, your dealer can't do what he says. The next Bronco scheduling is 10/28, which will be for the first MY'22 builds. All unscheduled Bronco orders will roll over to MY'22. There is no additional scheduling of MY'21 beyond what...
  12. tlowell01

    MY22 Sasquatch Pricing | Making Sense of the Confusion

    I cannot, for the life of me understand why Ford just can't be honest about this! This is Ford's messaging... Badlands Base config($46,335) + A/T ($1595) + Sasquatch ($2495) = $50,425 Badlands Base config($46,335) + jack squat + Sasquatch ($2495) = $48,830, just kidding we're still gonna charge...
  13. tlowell01

    Competition Strengthens All

    And sometimes a company gets competition wrong…
  14. tlowell01

    Pay dealer '22 MSRP... Then Ford offers rebate for '21 reservation holders..?

    This is actually well addressed in the BN livestream today. @BigHoof is correct
  15. tlowell01

    MY22 Re-ordered

    Earnhardt in Chandler, AZ
  16. tlowell01

    MY22 Re-ordered

    Good luck! I submitted my order to my dealer today as well. It's a large dealer in the PHX area, so it may take a day or 3 or 4 for my saleswoman to get it input into the system. She got it in very timely with my '21 order, so I expect she will this time too. The only thing I changed on my...
  17. tlowell01

    Can’t update order with dealer

    The special editions (Raptor, Everglades, and rumored but not announced heritage) will not be available for order until sometime in 2022, but Ford hasn't given an exact timeline. They have said they will be limited editions, so I'd fully expect there to be substantial ADM on them. During the...
  18. tlowell01

    10/13 - No Updated B&P??

    Looks like Ford is getting ready for it to go live. The link under Bronco says 2022 B&P, but I get the same error when clicking on it
  19. tlowell01

    Some dealers got it right

    I like the spirit of this thread! So much negativity (very deservedly) for a lot of dealers out there, but I love the idea of giving some kudos to the ones that treat their customers fairly. I'm cautiously optimistic about mine. I got an email from the sales manager when I inquired about...
  20. tlowell01

    Who else is ordering tomorrow?

    Thus far, I've handled everything with my dealer via email with my sales rep. As soon as the 2022 B&P is live, and I can get my new build (MT+'Squatch) spec'd out, I'll send it over. Fortunately, I have a buddy that works at Ford that can make sure everything is input correctly, and so far...