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  1. Hobgoblin

    Some Ford Bronco Reservations Could Be Delayed for Years

    MSN Autos has picked up the story on allocations being prioritized over reservations. Here is the link:
  2. Hobgoblin

    Ford shortchanging customers.

    I am not sure if anyone here has been following the saga about how the new allocation formula for the Bronco is shortchanging those of us who have placed orders with smaller dealers who stepped up to compete in the open market place? Granger Ford has been open, honest and honorable in their...
  3. Hobgoblin

    Real World Soft Top Review

    I recently reached out to switch my top from MIC to soft top. Not sure when this will all get ironed out with the MIC tops. This should help expedite my order a bit faster and I always wanted to have both tops but only wanted to start with one. Guess I will start with the soft top first now...
  4. Hobgoblin

    An evening at Super Cel East

    Great afternoon and evening at Super Cel East. Big thanks to @David , @Laura and @bdawson24 for the the cookout. It was great. Perfect setting for exciting Bronco talk, beautiful scenery and enjoying a fire. @BuzzyBud here is something for you as well. I know how much you love the Pitbull. I...
  5. Hobgoblin

    Super Celebration East Ride Alongs

    Team, I was able to find a link to the sign up for Ride Alongs for Super Celebration East. Turns out they are filling up fast. I tried to register for Saturday the 24th and it says it is already full and I am on the wait list. Some of the other days may have more availability. Hope we all...
  6. Hobgoblin

    Full on stampede: Bronco Sport and crew take on Hells Revenge

    Vaughn and the crew take a Stampede of Broncos and Bronco Sport up Hells Revenge. The Sport does a great job on the trail. Great to see so many Broncos on the trails at the same time. Enjoy!
  7. Hobgoblin

    Bring Back Bronco - The Untold Story: Trusted & Carefree

    Since we have had many new members join in the last few months they may not have heard about the outstanding podcast, Bring Back Bronco - The Untold Story. It is an 8 part series hosted by Sonari Glinton. He explores the early days of development of the first generation Bronco and works to...
  8. Hobgoblin

    Trail Cartel Moab Ride Along with Brad Lovell

    Just came across this ride along video from Moab. Great detailed information on the new Bronco development and usage for new features. Brad Lovell discusses many of the features.
  9. Hobgoblin

    5 Things to Know About GMRS

    Hello BN, Since there has been a lot of talk about mobile communications lately, I thought that I would share a link to one of the best videos explaining GMRS that I have come across. This is from Tom the Dilettante on YouTube. He is an Overlander with a Crosstrek and has several different...
  10. Hobgoblin

    Hunting colors at Ford dealer

    Took my son to hunt Bronco colors today at Ford dealer. Had some interesting finds. Hope these help. Enjoy!
  11. Hobgoblin

    Velocity Saturday? We really want it. Gotta Have it!

    It looks like the order banks are actually going to open up next week. We have at least one last major unveiling yet. Velocity Blue! If we ask @jparker really nicely maybe he can make this Saturday become a Velocity Saturday! Pretty please with sugar on top!
  12. Hobgoblin

    Bronco Heritage Editions?

    Just came across the post about Bronco Heritage Editions. Also found the great image below off the BN Instagram page. It looks as if they are slated for MY21 and MY22. Look forward to learning more. E5G - 2 Door Adv. AWD Heritage Lmt. E5H - 4 Door Adv. AWD Heritage Lmt.
  13. Hobgoblin

    Build and Price: Songs that Bring it Home!

    Since we first visited the emotions of anticipation while waiting for the Build and Price tool on a previous thread using the poem 'Twas the Night Before Build and Price, I thought that it would be appropriate to touch on these emotions one more time. This time we have the date in sight. Almost...
  14. Hobgoblin

    Detailed Look at Mechanical Parts of the new 2021 Bronco- Video

    Just came across this video on Youtube. It is a nice walk through of the Chassis and discusses the parts, features and benefits. It uses some of the shots we have seen but adds commentary to them.
  15. Hobgoblin

    Bronco Super Celebration - East Wish List

    Since we are fast approaching the Bronco Super Celebration - East event, I wanted to see what your wish list is to see at the event. I think they should have at least a 2 and 4 door version of the Bronco there to be viewed. It would be great to have some new ones that we have not seen yet...
  16. Hobgoblin

    'Twas the Night Before Build and Price (We Hope)

    ‘Twas the night before Build and Price when all through the house Not a keyboard was stirring, not even the click of a mouse The Bronco reservations were made at with care In hopes that Build and Price would soon be there; In hopes that Mike Levine and his rock star programmers...
  17. Hobgoblin

    Roadtrip Planning

    For all who are planning on purchasing out-of-state with Granger in Iowa or with Stephens in West Virginia or any other place you may want a good way to enjoy your trip home. I certainly was. Need to make sure I can do proper break in for the new Bronco and see some new sites as well! I came...
  18. Hobgoblin

    Rank Score: What does it mean and how can I get it off "0"?

    Hello Bronco Nation, I have been enjoying the Latest News sections and of course the forum threads. It has been fun learning all about our new obsession, the 2021 Bronco! My question is around the Ranking Score for our profiles. I have ventured into how the trophies are awarded but I can't...