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  1. Bronc96

    I test drove a Bronc and it delivered!

    My dealer, George Coleman Ford in Travelers Rest SC, received their mannequin last week and I was able to schedule a slot for a test drive yesterday. Let's just say my expectations were met and exceeded! I would also add that Jacob and Joe have been awesome to work with and their dealership is...
  2. Bronc96

    Let's Talk Aftermarket Wheels

    Figured we could share wheel choices on our Broncs while we all wait. What are you rolling on your new Bronc? I am typically not a huge fan of black wheels, however, I think the beadlock capable options on the Bronc don't look too bad. However, I am going Badlands 2 dr and have considered...
  3. Bronc96

    [Gen 5] Let's See Your Bronco!

    My 96 EB with 5.0 and E4OD. She doesn't get out as much as she used to but still runs like new!
  4. Bronc96

    Base ManSquatch Roadblock!??

    Hey all, I was playing around with the B&P last night for the millionth time...I know...exciting Saturday evening...but is the life of someone who is Bronc obsessed! Anyways, I noticed something concerning for those interested in ordering the BaseSquatch with 7spd in the footnotes. It looks...
  5. Bronc96

    Mounting Hi-Lift Jack Thoughts

    As many are probably wanting for their own rigs, I too want a Hi-Lift Jack mounted somewhere on the new Bronc. Other than mounting on the roof rack, any thoughts? I would assume the AM vendors would offer a solution or could be available as one of the 200 AM parts available through Ford?
  6. Bronc96

    Black Diamond or Badlands...I can't decide!

    I was hoping to enlist the assistance of my fellow BN friends to weigh in on my decision making dilemma with my Bronco build. :) Should I go Black Diamond with Sasquatch and the 2.7 w/auto or step up to the Badlands (no Sasquatch) and the 2.3 w/the manual? I am disappointed on the late...
  7. Bronc96

    Any concerns on the manual trans holding up?

    Sorry if this has been discussed in another post, but was wondering if anyone had concerns on the manual trans reliability knowing it likely will be built in China? I was really excited about the possibility of having another manual trans 4x4, however this concerns me. Not sure why Ford went...
  8. Bronc96

    Anyone miss the good old days?

    Anyone wish there was an option for lever engaged 4x4 vs electronic on the new Bronc? I love tech but sometimes old school is better and more reliable :). I have the push button on my 96 and wish it had the setup my 89 did. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to take delivery on my new Bronc as...
  9. Bronc96

    Greetings from SC!

    Hello all! My first post here, however I have been following for awhile. I have been a huge Bronco fan all my life and am currently on my third which is a 96 Eddie Bauer. I have been waiting patiently for Ford to bring this legend back and have my reservation in for a 2 door BD. :)