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    Hello and welcome to Bronco Nation.
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    Old skool hockey stick graphic - INSTALLED

    Looks nice! Gives it that little something extra without going over the top.
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    No cup holders???

    I have been exploring options to have cup holders in the back of a Badlands with MGV. With the Molle grid on the back seats I have found an option from YETI. I got the larger versions. These should be able to easily attach and provide a good option. It is actually called a bottle sling and...
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    How do you transfer dealers

    This is what I found posted on 6G. They just don't get customer service and are being vindictive. It was not about the deal. It was about honor, trust and communication. Look at what these greedy dealres are doing to their customers. Not sure that people are going to stick around? I dare...
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    Please Help! Need a New Dealership to Transfer to

    Bronco_Girl sorry to hear about your daily driver accident. I know that you are looking for a good dealer and also a replacement now. I will say that Granger Motors is offering 6% off invoice for Bronco Sports if you would consider that. They also sell Jeeps as well and are offering 4% under...
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    MY 22 Bronco Build and Price - Errors and Considerations

    Thank you. I suspected that as the case.
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    MY 22 Bronco Build and Price - Errors and Considerations

    David, I did a build for a Badlands with High Package and it is showing up as "High Package (333A)" at $2,790. On the Bronco Price List it shows that PKG. CODE as a WildTrak code for High Package. The one for a Badlands is showing as 353A at $1,295. Can you please confirm which one is...
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    Some Ford Bronco Reservations Could Be Delayed for Years

    MSN Autos has picked up the story on allocations being prioritized over reservations. Here is the link:
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    The media is picking up the story. Here is the link. Time to share:
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    Bronco Support Team – Telephone Conversation.

    Buzzy, I think the answer may be different tomorrow. As always, you have completely done your due diligence. Keep at and I know you will be sharing your build and delivery dates sooner than later!
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    Today at Bronco Nation - Mon., 10-11-21

    Much love @Laura ! You know I want my Bronco yesterday but I also want everyone to have a great experience. We are all enthusiasts and I look forward to putting these delays in the past. There is a way to make it great for all. Thank you for highlighting it!
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    Possibilty of moving an order to another dealer.

    I did not have to put any other deposit down now. Only $500 when the VIN is issued. It is refundable though. The large non-refundable deposit is also something that hurts customers in this new allocation game. $2,000 is enough to keep most people where they are and just wait it out. That...
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    I agree that it is great that they will allow a move to another dealer but it is a necessity of their plan. They want those of us at the smaller dealers who are providing great service and communication to move to the mega dealers who will charge whatever they want. They are not staying with...
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    Amen brother! #FreeGranger
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    Buzzy, I second what @Bronco5.0 said. You have been such a great ambassador to this forum. Your research and enthusiasm have been outstanding. You have even represented us with the corporate brass at Ford and this may happen to you as well. It makes me very sad to hear this. None of this...
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    Ford shortchanging customers.

    I am not sure if anyone here has been following the saga about how the new allocation formula for the Bronco is shortchanging those of us who have placed orders with smaller dealers who stepped up to compete in the open market place? Granger Ford has been open, honest and honorable in their...
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    I have not gone yet. Was looking to see if they had any openings for the end of December but they do not. I am planning on taking my 18 year old son along as well. Will likely need to look at Spring Break or some other school days that they have off. Moab is high on the list but the Nevada...
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    I’m new

    Welcome to the Bronco Nation! Glad to have you here. I believe that you have it correct that the front bumper for the Badlands will be the "Capable" bumper and all trim lines will be able to upgraded to the "Modular" bumper. We will see shortly as the Order Guide is supposed to be released...
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    I have not seen any out in the wild either. Have seen about 4 to 5 other trims out there. Good luck with your order.
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    You nailed it Deano! Welcome to the Nation @Heelz7t5. I am in Milton. Look forward to connecting and sharing any information that I can. I am still waiting on my Velocity Blue 4 door Badlands. Reserved July 23, 2020 and have not received a build date notice. Looks like I will be getting a...