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  1. Bronc96


    Velocity Blue checking in from SC! Considered Eruption Green but decided to stick with my original.
  2. Bronc96


    Welcome aboard and greetings from SC! :cool:
  3. Bronc96

    2022 color change

    Originally VB but really digging EG now also. Probably will stick with my original plan but might come down to how I feel when revising my order with the dealer, lol.
  4. Bronc96

    Today at Bronco Nation - Wed., 10-13-21

    As always, appreciate the sharing of info, willingness to answer questions and patience with us Bronco fans. Thanks Laura! :)
  5. Bronc96

    Bronco Craze

    I hear ya, I would love to pick up another one but Mrs. Bronc96 would likely not be too happy if I brought another one home, lol. I have always wanted a 1st gen as well but prices have put that out of reach for now. Glad I didn't sell my 96 a few years ago, been really exciting to see the...
  6. Bronc96

    Bronco Craze

    I am a lifelong Bronco fan and love the big Broncs. I have owned 3 over the years, 87 w/4.9 straight six, 89 w/351 and currently have my 96 Eddie Bauer w/302 which I will keep. Hopefully she'll have some company in the stable soon. :)
  7. Bronc96

    New here - love my Bronco

    Welcome aboard and congrats! Good lookin' Bronc! (y)
  8. Bronc96

    Here to help!

    Welcome aboard @Nate! Thank you for your willingness to assist with questions, new info is always appreciated! (y)
  9. Bronc96

    TX Off Roadeo 9/5 Video!

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing @williagr! (y)
  10. Bronc96

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    Thanks for sharing some great pics and your experience @SquatchOrBust! Looks like you had an awesome time! (y)
  11. Bronc96

    Canvas top and mesh top on the configurator

    I believe the one you are referring to includes both the mesh Bimini Top and canvas soft top. There is also an option to purchase separately for the Bimini Top which is $350 and soft top $1650. Both have been mentioned previous threads but you can view them in the accessories catalog attached. (y)
  12. Bronc96

    Surprize from Ford

    Me as well, arrived Wednesday. Not a Bronco but still a cool gesture. (y)
  13. Bronc96

    Diode Dynamics SS3 Pods in Non modular Bumper

    Nice mod to your Bronc, looks like those pods really throw out some light! (y)
  14. Bronc96

    Eruption Green

    I was all in on VB but did a code 99 to hold for MY22 and ManSquatch. That said, a throwback green was the only color that could sway me from blue. Looks like I have more decisions coming but plenty of time to ponder. :unsure: I do think EG will look sweet paired with the white MOD top. :p
  15. Bronc96

    Impressions of first week with new Bronco

    Congrats @TexasBroncoDude! That is a good lookin' Bronc! (y)
  16. Bronc96

    New Member -

    Welcome aboard @dnee2005 and congrats on your Bronc order! (y)
  17. Bronc96

    MIC Holdouts

    2 dr manual BL here so no choice but either way I am not interested in compromise. Not a "need" for me, is a "want" because I love Broncos...I will wait it out. :cool:
  18. Bronc96

    New Here

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your Bronc order @Lil Mule! Love your handle as well! I am a lifelong Bronc fan and still have my 96 EB...I also love that movie! "Don't worry, my Lil Mule is fire proof!" :p
  19. Bronc96

    My First Woodward Dream Cruise

    Sounds like an awesome event! I have never been but would love to check it out next year. Thanks for sharing the cool pics @SlashRacer! (y)