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  1. BroncoTerry

    Green Trail Ride at AOAA in Pennsylvania

    PA has over 1,000 townships. You would think they would at the very least put the county name in their address. At any rate, it looks like a very good trail system.
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    DIY Tree Limb Riser

    Looks good to me.:)
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    Can you build a Bronco over 6k GVWR?

    You would have a ton of parts to replace.
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    She’s Home!!

  5. BroncoTerry

    Got My Order Number

    I changed from a 2 door to a 4 door. That may have something to do with it.
  6. BroncoTerry

    Got My Order Number

    I just got a text from my dealer. He said my order number is: Y191. What does that mean?
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    The above tire is a 10 ply tire. It can be had here: TreadWright All-Terrain & Mud Terrain Tires for Trucks, Jeeps & SUVs – TreadWright Tires
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    “BIG Bronco is Ford’s BIGGEST FAIL since the Edsel” - by Hoovie’s Garage

    Well, I guess he had a good payday on this. I watched maybe 30 seconds and could see where this rummy was going.
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    Some noobie off-roading questions and discussion...

    Yes, winches CAN be dangerous. A steel line can snap and when that happens it has a lot of stored energy in it. It will fly right back toward the truck. It can quite literally take your head off. But throw a somewhat heavy coat or something over it and the line will drop to the ground. You...
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    The Bronco Curse

    Maybe a Chevy curse! (Brought on by Ford)
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    MotorTrend on Bronco Roof Problems

    Ford Bronco Hardtop Problems Worsen: Roof Replacements, Production Stopped ( EDIT: 9/03/2021 Forget about the above link.
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    Surprize from Ford

    Got mine today!:cool:
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    Wheel Spacers

    It depends on the brand. If someone goes cheap they won't be good.
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    Baja Designs Aftermarket Fog Lights - Installed w/Pics

    Great pics. Thanks for posting!
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    Used Sport For Sale

    I saw a Sport setting in a Honda dealership used lot. That didn't take long!
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    Jeep Truck

    Now THAT is a truck!
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    Fishing in Saint Augustine, FL

    Yep, been to both of them. Sometimes we pack a pic-nik lunch and go to Faver-Dykes.
  18. BroncoTerry

    Fishing in Saint Augustine, FL

    The joys of coastal living. Fresh water fishing and ocean fishing. There is also the mile wide Saint Johns river.