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  1. Flourman

    Let’s go for try #2

    Just submitted my MY22 2-door order. Priority 10. Let’s see how this goes…….. Neat fact, I tried to get an allocation number from they dealer and they would not give it to me. Said “we don’t even know” then proceeded to tell me how much he loves his Bronco….. I can’t wait for this whole...
  2. Flourman

    A huge thanks to the Off Rodeo Team

    I had planned to attend the Moab Bronco Off Rodeo this weekend. We had rooms reserved at the Red Cliffs Lodge and were super excited. Monday, my wife and I went on a dirt bike ride and my wife had a hard get off, avoiding a head on trail collision in a blind corner. In the process, she suffered...
  3. Flourman

    Countdown has begun

    Headed to the Off Rodeo next weekend! Anyone else on here going to be there? We might have to arm wrestle for the 2-door.
  4. Flourman

    Switching dealers for model year switch

    I’ve got an order in on a 2-door with all the limited stuff. Early 7/13 res and early order. Since this build is going to be a MY22, is it possible to switch dealers and keep my reservation time stamp?
  5. Flourman

    Another Test Drive 2.3 Manual Black Diamond

    Barbee’s Freeway Ford in Denver got their demo unit last Friday and I got to get in for a test drive today. I’d already did a Bronco ride along in Moab so I more or less knew what the interior was like but wanted to give it a try. This Black Diamond was a 4-door with the 2.3 and manual with...
  6. Flourman

    What happens to the non-email people?

    So I didn’t get the email along with a lot of other people. What happens next? Does Ford send emails every Thursday or will they be releasing in blocks? As in those of us that didn’t get an email shouldn’t expect an email for 2-3 weeks?
  7. Flourman

    Pre/post Off-Rodeo ride?

    Throwing this out there for the slim chance of any dirt bikers that will also be at the Off-Rodeo. I’d be down for a group dirt bike ride through Fins and Things/Hells Revenge and maybe Slick Rock Trail. Might be a reach but thought I’d see who was interested. Can change trails based on skill...
  8. Flourman

    Back end rattle

    After the KOH videos and doing a Bronco ride along myself, I’m curious if anyone has heard of Ford’s idea of what was rattling in the back end. Originally it seemed like it was a top issue but we rode in a soft top and it still rattled. The drivers have been super clear these are...
  9. Flourman

    My Moab ride along

    Been digesting this for a few days and just settling down after how great the ride was. First off, the Bronco will be my wife’s DD. We ordered a 2Dr Badlands, Lux, Carbonized Gray, MIC top, 2.3 and the manual. We had our ride along on Saturday morning and we wanted to get a 2-Door to see how...
  10. Flourman

    Dealer placing order based off reservation

    I saw on that “other site” that dealers are placing orders based on reservations before even speaking to the dealer. Well this happened to me. I got an email from Ford, thanking me for my reservation and it was completely different than what I had even reserved let alone what I planned on...
  11. Flourman

    Bump Starting with Manual

    With the push button start, any idea if the manual will be able to be “bump started” or push started? I know these will be able to start in gear which is pretty handy and the auto-start starters are more beefy than normal starters but it’s worth an ask.
  12. Flourman

    Newbie here from CO

    I’ve owned a Bronco and if not, a Ford, for all of my driving life. I started out with a 1989 Bronco XLT, two tone (red/tan) with the 300 and a T18 and bought it with over 250k miles on it. It was owned by a field writer for Outdoor Life prior to me. I drove that’s from the time I was 14 until...