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  1. gibsBRonCO

    New Home for the Broncos!

    Getting settled here in Colorado and I finally got the garage situated enough to fit 2 Broncos in. Moving from Texas I had to downsize garage space which was tough to do! But finally made the room.
  2. gibsBRonCO

    Some pics from Bronco Safari

    We ran Cliffhanger on Monday. Awesome trail! Then Fins and Things on Tuesday afternoon because the weather was bad and Kane Creek was cancelled - you don't want to be caught in Kane Creek during a rain and possible flash flood! Hell's Revenge on Wednesday, Poison Spider on Thursday and we...
  3. gibsBRonCO

    Bronco Oddity - Porsche Bronco? "Por- Bronco"? Poor Bronco???

    Not sure what to call this one! Here is a Bronco oddity - a Porsche 944 body on a Gen 3 Bronco frame. This has been sitting in a yard locally for several years now. It was for sale a couple years ago but apparently no buyers so it's been just sitting. I think "Poor Bronco" is most...
  4. gibsBRonCO

    Big Bronco??

    Interesting that "Big Bronco" seems to be catching on to refer to the Gen 6 Bronco mainly with people new to the Bronco world to distinguish it from the Sport. I've noticed this here and on social media. Prior to the "Gen" designations, "Big Bronco" was generally used for all the full size...
  5. gibsBRonCO

    Upgraded Seats

    I stopped by the upholstery shop I'm using to check on progress of my "upgraded" seats! They had one done. This is for my 72 "Patina" build Bronco. They are the stock seat frames with TMI Sport upholstery and foam. These add extra bolstering over the stock foam/upholstery. I ordered them...
  6. gibsBRonCO

    Drive Slugs! Going back to Full Time 4WD!

    Working on my 78 Custom. My first step in converting my NP203 back to Full Time operation was to install new Solid Drive Slugs! Many (if not most?) 203's were converted to part-time operation early on to increase gas mileage. I think Dana made the kit. Converted 203's will have locking...
  7. gibsBRonCO

    Bronco R - 2020 Baja 1000

    Bronco R finished the Baja 1000 in about 30 hours. Bronco R Video Ford Media Story
  8. gibsBRonCO

    Existing Clubs vs. New Clubs?

    What do y'all think bout the existing early Bronco Clubs? Join them or wait for 6G exclusive Clubs? Lot's of wheeling knowledge and experience with the existing Clubs but will new owners "fit in"?? Your thoughts??
  9. gibsBRonCO

    Colorado Clubs?

    Hey, I'm relocating to southern Colorado this summer and just wondering if there are any active clubs in Colorado? I'd like to hook up with some folks and go Wheelin'!!
  10. gibsBRonCO

    How Big?

    What is the biggest tire I can run on an uncut 1974 Bronco with no lift?
  11. gibsBRonCO

    T-Rex Arms on a 78 Bronco

    My 78 Bronco is not a trail rig - it’s more set up for as a street-modded restomod type of build. I do use it for towing so I have not lifted it. If it was a trail Bronco I would have installed the Duff long arms but I don’t really need all the articulation the long arms with heim joints gives...
  12. gibsBRonCO

    The Evolution of my Bronco Crawler

    Content: I have had my 1976 Bronco since 2002. I have rebuilt it several times! Basically it was pretty rusty (sourced the Bronco out of PA) and each time I rebuilt it I cut more rust out until it’s pretty much all fiberglass skins today! Here in is the day I brought it home. The first...
  13. gibsBRonCO

    Got Rubicon?

    This past summer a group of Broncos from the East Coast and Texas joined up with some California Broncos to run the Rubicon Trail in Northern California. It was an awesome trip. We spent 2 days on the trail and camped overnight at Buck Island Lake. We ran the trail from the Tahoe entrance to...
  14. gibsBRonCO

    Round Headlights Are Cool!

    Gen 2 Broncos with round headlights were limited to 1978 Custom models only. Many people think round headlights indicate all 78’s and that only 79’s had rectangular headlights. Not true - all 1978 Broncos with Ranger/XLT trim had rectangular headlights and all 1979’s - both Custom and Ranger/XLT...