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  1. Jhastin4567

    Additional Dealership Deposit

    So I kept hearing Ford was going to be requiring dealerships to take an additional deposit beyond the initial 100 we paid for our reservations. My dealership still claims no further deposit will be required. What have you guys heard?
  2. Jhastin4567

    Accessory PDF

    I can’t seem to find the extended accessory pdf, can somebody direct me to it please? Wanting to take a look at the second winch Ford is offering. Thanks
  3. Jhastin4567

    Can anyone decode this kick panel tag?

    I know it’s Rangoon red 66 Roadster. Not sure on the rest.
  4. Jhastin4567

    Ford Possibly Scheduling November Accessory Event Online

    Came across this article stating that Ford May be hosting an online event in November to reveal to 200+ accessories.
  5. Jhastin4567

    Winch Setups

    Interested to see what kind of bumper/winch setup everyone is running. Here is mine. Toms Bronco Parts front bumper with Smittybuilt XRC 9500# winch.
  6. Jhastin4567

    US West Dusy-Ershim 2021

    I’d like to arrange a group trip for 2021 to run The Dusy-Ershim trail East of Shaver Lake CA in let Summer to Early Fall of 2021.
  7. Jhastin4567

    My 4 Wheel disc brake/hydroboost writeup

    Hey guys, back in 2007 I did a 4 wheel disc swap and added hydroboost to my 66. Im posting the link here to my write up on classic in hopes it may be beneficial to anyone thinking of doing the same. Enjoy!
  8. Jhastin4567

    How many members are we up to?

    I just got my official membership a week or 2 ago and was member 1467, what number are we up to now? Love to see the growth of such a great group!
  9. Jhastin4567

    I’m official!

    Membership kit just showed up! Looks great! Member 1467 checking in!
  10. Jhastin4567

    Bronco Nation Gear

    Any idea when there will be more of the black/charcoal hats in stock? I’d love to get one of these. Thanks!
  11. Jhastin4567

    Member Map

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out how to get my location on the member map, any help greatly appreciated, thank you!
  12. Jhastin4567


    Has anyone here run the Dusy-Ershim Trail? It’s located up above Fresno CA (to the east above Shaver Lake) We usually run it every year but due to the current Creek Fire we haven’t been able to this year. I know the fire has burned heavily around Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. I hope it isn’t...
  13. Jhastin4567

    Hello from CA

    Hi everyone. Just ordered my membership today! I’m from Bakersfield CA and have a 66 Bronco (originally a U13 Roadster) and have a 2021 Wildtrak reserved! My 66