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  1. RonM0710

    Bronco Demo Rides @ Bronco Super Celebration (East)

    Incase you missed the announcement FORD is giving DEMO RIDES in Broncos at the Super Celebration April 21-April 24. I reserved my spot, but they were allowing Walk-ups this morning (0900) to fill in empty spots. The guy that rode with the Mrs. and I had a 1100 appointment.
  2. RonM0710

    4 Door Cloth tops

    Has anyone seen a video of someone raising and/or lowering a soft top on the 4 Door Bronco?
  3. RonM0710

    Membebrs only forum?

    Does anyone have access yet?
  4. RonM0710

    Price increase on 2.7 V6?

    Just listened to a video by Jorge Lopez at Tomball Ford in TX. He quoted the price for the 2.7 at $3500, and 10 speed auto at $1600. He also said the B&P site will be up sometime this month (Sept). He said order will start “in December”. He went on to say the first Broncos will arrive at...
  5. RonM0710

    New member from S/E TN

    Just got my membership package with my member number (1245) today. Where do I enter it in my bio?
  6. RonM0710

    new Member

    When do yo get your member #