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  1. Soupcook

    2022 Calendar Release?

    Does anyone know when the 2022 calendar will be released?
  2. Soupcook

    2022 Moab Off-Rodeo Calendar?

    When will the 2022 calendar open for reservations?
  3. Soupcook

    Has Hi-Tech Gone Too Far for Off-Road?

    I have nearly 30 years managing industrial plant maintenance and reliability. My maintenance techs were mostly mechanics and over time industrial controls folks became more and more critical as automation and controls were improved. The single biggest labor challenge I faced was hiring qualified...
  4. Soupcook

    Relocate Front Camera?

    I was looking at Rubicons yesterday (moment of weakness). I noticed that the front camera is mounted at the top of the grill...well above brush guards and winches. I'm not sure where the camera is located in the Bronco grill, but it seems as though it could be relocated to the highest spot on...
  5. Soupcook

    Death of ICE Vehicles

    More and more, manufacturers and countries are putting deadlines on when internal combustion engines (ICE) will no longer be sold. Ford states 2035 ( Canada (, UK...
  6. Soupcook

    # Broncos Ordered by Trim?

    I can't find it. Is there a list or percentage Broncos ordered by trim? So, there are 7,000 First Editions. That leaves 113,000 Broncos left to build. I would love to see a chart or graph and also, was it stated that about 77,000 Broncos would be built this year? Thanks
  7. Soupcook

    Disappointing Range on 2D Broncos

    With the very small gas tank and MPG around 18mpg, it looks like the driving range is less than 300 miles/tank. Every 250 miles I will be filling the tank again. I'm OK with the mileage but would love to have at least 350 miles on a tank (I still think 400 mile range should be the target for...
  8. Soupcook

    Gen 2 Bronco Memory

    A good friend of mine in the Air Force is Cliff. He bought a brand new Gen 2 Bronco...bare bones. He didn't even have A/C...and we were in Biloxi, MS. Bucket seats in front and bench in the back. That thing was a beast. He was always trying to improve it at home. One thing he built was a console...
  9. Soupcook

    Are Vinyl Wrap Wheels Worth It?

    I ordered an OBX in Rapid Red and when I saw the Ford build with the bronze wheels and a Rapid Red beauty ring, I wanted them. But, it will be expensive to purchase those wheels. Is it worth it to vinyl wrap the Ford beadlock capable wheels? How expensive is the process to complete 5 wheels...
  10. Soupcook

    Invite Other Drivers Now

    OK...I've officially seen 4 professional drivers in the Broncos in 100 videos (maybe that's a stretch). I think it it time to let others drive the Bronco. If Jeep allows drivers to test their Rubicon with the V-8 engine, certainly Ford can let some of us test drive and view their videos. Maybe...
  11. Soupcook

    F150 Raptor instead?

    I am getting numb to the ride along videos and carefully choreographed rides with expert drivers. One thing unintentional and something I never gave much consideration for is a F150 Raptor. I knew nothing about them until I started watching the Bronco ride-along videos. I also didn't consider...
  12. Soupcook

    Great Memories of Bronco II

    When I was stationed at Beale AFB, CA from 1987-1995, my best friend owned a '87 Bronco II (I think '87). We drove it all over the Sierra Nevadas hunting and fishing. He pulled my bass boat from the Pacific coast to over 5,000' elevation reservoirs. That little truck did it all and it looked great.
  13. Soupcook

    Radio with Integrated CB Radio?

    I would love to have the option to have an integrated CB in the radio. I have a couple of portable CBs I carry that are good for about 5 miles (needs a longer antenna. They are like walkie-talkies. Obviously I can't use them on the fly. I also don't want to mount a clunky CB up front (where?).
  14. Soupcook

    Earning Degree in Off-Road Bronco Driving

    I just finished another Bronco off-road video...this one in a FE in Moab. I have never been trained so thoroughly (albeit virtually) on any vehicle in my life. I have a good understanding of how to safely drive off-road without a serious mishap. But, I also never learned the limits and full...
  15. Soupcook

    Is Sway Bar Disconnect Critical with IFS?

    I ordered the OBX and that model does not have sway bar disconnect. How important is sway bar disconnect for off-roading. If you aren't rock crawling, how critical is it? I've seen what it can do on a Jeep.
  16. Soupcook

    Questioning my motivation

    After I trade my 2017 GMC Acadia Denali (low milage and in excellent condition) in on the Outer Banks, I'll still need to cough up about another $27k. I also have a 2020 Ford Ranger XLT FX4 Off Road. What kind of monster truck could I have if I kept the GMC and spent $15k on the FFR? Maybe that...
  17. Soupcook

    Is there a Manual Sway Bar Disconnect Option for OBX?

    I may have missed this somewhere. I was watching a video of a ride in a Badlands and it came up that OBX does not have auto sway bar disconnect. Can it be manually disconnected for trail use?
  18. Soupcook

    Reported 66.67% Conversion Rate?

    A post on Bronco6G reports a conversion rate of 66.67%. Since I recall 194,000 reservations, then about 130,000 Bronco reservations were converted. I also recall Ford will only make about 76,000 2021 Broncos. (If my numbers are wrong, please correct me). Will there be 2021 Broncos on the lots...
  19. Soupcook

    Who will remove the spare?

    I haven't understood why, but many in the Jeep world like to remove the spare and put a blank on. After all, most spend a ton of money on off-road recovery and safety gear and then don't have a spare. Who plans on removing their spare?
  20. Soupcook

    Any Central Floridians Plan to Visit Tenn Super Cel?

    I really want to go to the Super Celebration in April...but I'll have to drive from Central Florida to Super Cel by myself. I don't have a Bronco to show. I just want to see the new Broncos possibly an Outer Banks) and get a feel for the size of the Bronco community. Who else is interested from...