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  1. Last Ride Bronco

    Bull Bar Safari Bar Installation

    Anyone here actually install the safari bar? It looks simple to do. Perhaps just unscrew and screw eight bolts to the MOD bumper. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Last Ride Bronco

    Blend date

    I just got my window sticker. It has a blend date of 9/27. I have a general idea of what it means, but I am not sure. Would someone please explain just what it is and how soon afterwards is your Bronco actually built?
  3. Last Ride Bronco

    Wanted Safari/Bull Bar

    If you have a new style Bronco oe safari/bull bar for sale, pm me. Like this:
  4. Last Ride Bronco

    Off-Roadeo Merchandise

    In the category of, "If I could go back and do it again"-I would like to get more Off Roadeo specific merchandise. It was such a good experience, that I wish I had more mementos of the trip. There were many Bronco specific things like shirts, caps, etc.. What I am talking about is Off-Roadeo...
  5. Last Ride Bronco

    Live Stream Interpretation

    I watched the live stream. Learned a few things, had others confirmed. I tried to read body language and facial clues. The one thing I noticed is that when Nick from B6G mentioned colors and not taking away his preference for a VB 2022, the two Ford guys went from smiling to dead-pan faces...
  6. Last Ride Bronco

    Video uploads

    I’ve been trying to upload Bronco footage and have been unsuccessful. Can we only share pics or am I not doing something correctly?
  7. Last Ride Bronco

    MAP Flooding?

    I’m hearing that there was flooding at the MAP. I hope that if true, it is a minor setback. Murphy’s Law at work again! We would all appreciate a word from someone in the know.
  8. Last Ride Bronco

    MY22 order, schedule and build dates

    Saw this on B6g forum. If true, why haven’t we seen this info here?
  9. Last Ride Bronco


    As many of us are finding out, allocation may push all but day one people out for 2021 Broncos ( depending on which dealership, etc...). Therefore, some , but not all, day 2 or 3 people may have a shot at a 2021. Question is this, “Will day 2 people be differentiated from other day 2 people by...
  10. Last Ride Bronco

    A51 2 door

    I am considering an A51 2 door, but I want to see what it looks like on an actual Bronco. I saw the 4 door At TN and it looked great, but it may not look right on a 2 door. Has a 2 door A51 preproduction even been made and pics made?
  11. Last Ride Bronco

    33's At Super Celebration West?

    Were those 33 inch tires on the Badlands 2-door, that Brad Lovell discussed? I noticed that it was a manual, which at that time, could not be matched with the Sasquatch 35's. If it was the 33's, they looked pretty good. The rims though, looked like the sasquatch wheel/rims.
  12. Last Ride Bronco

    Financing the Bronco

    Presently, Ford has 0% for 72 months financing. It will be late spring/early summer before our Bronco comes in. Anyone here that works at Ford with any insight as to the financing terms through Ford at that time?