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  1. BDDavidn

    Cold Air intake

    Is it worth upgrading a Cold Air Intake?
  2. BDDavidn

    Screw it....

    I changed my order back to a 2-door from a 4. It just looks better and I'm not really worried about when I get it since I'm a 3/19 order.
  3. BDDavidn

    Black Diamond option

    Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! Did anyone happen to see that you cant build a BD anymore on the ford website?
  4. BDDavidn

    Old Emblems

    I have thoughts on putting some of the old emblems on the new Bronco. Has anyone else thought about that as well?
  5. BDDavidn

    Head Lights

    This may have been answered already, but do we know which LED's come with the BD?
  6. BDDavidn

    Heated Seats

    I was looking at the build page and it looks like the BD comes with front row heated seats as a standard option. Is this true? I thought you had to go mid-package to get heated seats. Thanks!
  7. BDDavidn

    Mic Hard Top

    Well, I changed my order to a soft top so that I could hopefully get moved up the line for production. Does anyone have any info on whether or not the hard top can be bought as an accessory?
  8. BDDavidn

    Four digit order number

    What does the four digit number mean when you order a Bronco? Im sure this question has come up.