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    The 17's look great!
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    Black Bear Pass, CO – Bronco Territory?

    I was on the the trail with David and Chase. The trail turn assist really blew me away. As mentioned earlier, BB is the perfect trail to show how well this works. In reality the hardest parts on Black Bear are actually a couple of off-camber drops just above the Steps. There have been several...
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    Best of Moab: Trails

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    15x6 Steel Wheels

    That's so far outside the box that . . . heck there is no box!! (I do like your twin stick knobs!)
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    Looks really solid. Post a progress thread so we can all watch!
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    Who else has thieving family members?

    When I met my wife she had a stick-shift car. All my kids have or have had sticks. I'm in trouble!!
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    New Bronco Engine Information

    No scoffing! Sounds like you thought it out thoroughly to meet your needs. Moving up in trim level is a good added benefit.
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    New Home for the Broncos!

    Getting settled here in Colorado and I finally got the garage situated enough to fit 2 Broncos in. Moving from Texas I had to downsize garage space which was tough to do! But finally made the room.
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    Brake advise

    The proportioning valve will not improve your braking power - as already stated, it will simply allow you to adjust the braking front to rear. You want the fronts to lock up first so that you will tend to go straight in a panic stop. The rears locking up first will allow the rear to come...
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    Your Bronco's First trip. Where will you go?

    Colorado's Alpine Loop. Overnight in Lake City. Engineer Pass/Mineral Creek to Ouray. Ouray to Silverton to Animas Forks. Cinnamon Pass to Creede. Side trip to Poughkeepsie Gulch - If it can do "The Wall" stock (Squatched) I'll be very happy!
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    Distraction Post

    I would go for an aftermarket grille that looks more like Gen 1 Bronco grille. But Ford may do that on the Heritage Edition.
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    Bronco "Warthog"? Maybe not... Speculation around new name

    Some old Ford names to choose from: Edsel Country Squire Crown Victoria Skyliner Nite Tudor Fairlane Maverick Pinto 500 Torino Aerostar Falcon Galaxie None of which sound better than "Bronco Raptor"!
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    Vehicles You Regret Selling

    I've had the V10 in 3 Ford chassis motor homes. Great engine. Often wondered why this was never a popular swap into a big Bronco - Gen 2 mainly.
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    Vehicles You Regret Selling

    My father-in-law had a V12 Jag - an XJC coupe. I got to borrow it for a week. The smoothest engined car I have ever driven! He also had a Pantera. I got to drive it a couple of times. It was downright scary! But very awesome!!
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    Cried uncle....broke down and bought a Rubicon 4xe

    My daily drivers for 10+ years (until about a year ago) have been Wranglers. 1997 TJ, 2010 Sahara, 2013 Rubicon and 2017 Rubicon Recon Edition. I decided a year ago that I could not wait out the new Bronco and traded in the Recon on a used Raptor. I have not yet ridden in a new Bronco but I...
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    Cried uncle....broke down and bought a Rubicon 4xe

    You'll want the Bronco when it comes out compared to the Jeep. I'm certain of it!!
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    Already NOT liking some things about the Bronco?

    Agree. Not a deal killer but I will wait for the aftermarket to come up with some fenders and flares that better resemble the shape of the early Bronco wheel wells or go with the flare deletes from 4WheelParts. Actually I'm really liking the flare deletes!
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    Already NOT liking some things about the Bronco?

    But now many are complaints about it being too high!!
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    Vehicles You Regret Selling

    The SVO with a 2.3L turbo was a great car but it had been abused by previous owners. It was going to need more work than I was willing to do at the time so I put it on a consignment lot. It then got stolen for what I assume was a joy ride. It was found a few days later totally burned to the...