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  1. Soupcook

    On-board door storage.

    On the 2D, you can only store the roof panels. The doors are longer than the 4D
  2. Soupcook

    Make sure to upgrade the intercooler first!

    Thanks for the info...
  3. Soupcook

    Make sure to upgrade the intercooler first!

    Do you work for Mishimoto?
  4. Soupcook

    Make sure to upgrade the intercooler first!

    Quite a bit of information (and speculation)from a look in the living room over some beer. I would have rather seen some quantifiable evidence to all your assertions. It really boils down to the life of the vehicle...the part does not have to last 10 years to be a great part. I'm an engineer and...
  5. Soupcook

    10/13 - No Updated B&P??

    A communication from Ford stated we will receive a certificate for the difference in MSRP between your 2021 order and the new MSRP for the same trim in 2022. We will be given the certificate at time of purchase. Since I ordered an OBX...that amounted to $400+...the lowest of the trims. After...
  6. Soupcook

    10/13 - No Updated B&P??

    My OBX build is actually about $400 less than the 2021 I built...part of the saving is the Rapid Red had an up charge and the Eruption Green is included. It seems all the accessories and upgrades I had (LUX, 2.7L, roof rack, SAS, tow, bumper) are the same price as 2021. Now that I have built my...
  7. Soupcook

    2022 Calendar Release?

    I want to schedule a trip to Moab for 2022 Q1...there is no calendar yet.
  8. Soupcook

    Outer Banks 2dr Squatch Antimatter Blue received

    I believe the manual is digital and accessible through the Food Pass app and also on the vehicle infotainment system
  9. Soupcook

    Today at Bronco Nation - Wed., 10-6-21

    Same thing happened to me a couple of months ago...I paid for the digital and then changed to full membership and did not receive a lower upgrade cost.
  10. Soupcook

    2022 Bronco –– ORDER GUIDE!

    So the price protection for the Outer Banks is only $400? So my MSRP for the 2021 OB I ordered only went up $400? I guess I'll find out...hope $400 covers it or Ford was deceitful in their promise for MY21 price protection. Maybe I am not reading it correctly?
  11. Soupcook

    2022 Calendar Release?

    Does anyone know when the 2022 calendar will be released?
  12. Soupcook

    Am I supposed to wave to the Jeepers?!

    Wave...of course. I'm not a teenager.
  13. Soupcook

    2022 Options - So far!

    I heard Wildtrac would be getting a soft top...not that it could ONLY get the soft top. I recall both options will be available.
  14. Soupcook

    Trail armor from Ford

    What are you showing us? Your picture isn't worth a thousand words...
  15. Soupcook

    September 13 22year model

    As soon as the build and price opens in October, those of us pushed to MY22 reconfigure our order to meet the MY22 production and then meet with the dealer to update the order. (I never wait for the dealer...I call, make an appointment and show up). My reservation date of July 14th, 2020 will...
  16. Soupcook

    Moab Off-Roadeo and the Full Long Weekend

    Fantastic trip. I originally scheduled to go to Texas but changed my mind and cancelled it. I'm waiting for the 2022 schedule for Moab and will drive from Florida and visit many things on the trip. Thanks for sharing ideas.
  17. Soupcook

    Moab Off-Rodeo…Just Wow!

    Great photos and encourages me to wait for my Bronco!
  18. Soupcook

    Ford Accessory Winch and Light Kit Pricing

    I like the look...don't like that there isn't a camera relocation so the camera functions as intended.
  19. Soupcook

    Body colored fenders

    If you order OBX, you get the fenders and door handles painted to match. If you upgrade to Sasquatch, then the fenders are replaced with MIC top matching plastic fenders.