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  1. Shadowblade

    Ford PassPoint Tracking Information

    So I had a file, and seem to have lost it. :mad: The file contained the email and notification notes of how many Ford PassPoints would be gifted to me on Purchase of my First Edition due to all the "complications" over the last 15 months. Has anyone else been tracking this and keeping a tab...
  2. Shadowblade

    I’ll be going to Off-Roadeo Sept 22nd

    We are finalizing plans right now, but I just booked my date at Bronco off-roadeo! September 22, 2021! CAN’T WAIT!!!! We will be doing a tour of the whole New England area. Starting our trip well head to Providence and Martha’s Vineyard. Then off to Bangor & Acadia for a few days in Maine...
  3. Shadowblade

    Purchase or Lease? Ford Financing?!

    So I’ve been going back and forth on this, and it’s mainly because of rumors and speculation. I’ve been told that the Bronco is BUY only, no option to lease. I have an FE on the way and was thinking about leasing it like I have the last 15 vehicles I’ve “owned”. Does anyone know if we can...
  4. Shadowblade

    Off-Roading Equipment

    What type of off-roading are you doing and what equipment are you adding to your Bronco (or vehicle) to safely accomplish it? I’m looking for ideas on Jacks, Winches, Comprossors, Recovery Gear??? I’m aiming for high speed and some slower muddy forest/mountain trails, I’ve got a general idea...
  5. Shadowblade

    Star Wars Themed Bronco’s Thread

    Those of us in the Bronco space, also wanna know about you’re ideas and themes. As I said when I started that thread, other themes welcome, just not as cool! :ROFLMAO:
  6. Shadowblade

    Star Wars Themed Bronco

    How would you Star Wars theme your Bronco? Other themes are acceptable, but not as cool. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  7. Shadowblade

    Which color is your First Edition going to be and why?

    Please answer the pole question of color and why. Also, if you have a tough call like I do because there are several good options, pick your placement order/ranking of the colors. Might also help to note top and interior from an all around color choice. Thanks and have fun! Currently I'm...
  8. Shadowblade

    News Article of two 2021 Bronco’s burning due to transport fire

    It’s a sad day...