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  1. Gutter Clown

    Groundhog Thursday is here. Will you get a "Build Date" or have a wait for next Thursday?

    Correct this week only as they had to move build up or out due to down weeks 7/5 and 7/26. found over on the other website
  2. Gutter Clown

    6/24 Build Email Drinking Game!!

    No scheduling today/ this week. Also saw thread over on other website that MAP is going don week of 7/5 and 7/26. A lot of units moved due to down weeks and possibly reason no scheduling this week.
  3. Gutter Clown

    Will there be anymore Thursday emails?

    Last I saw they are not scheduling anything this week. Not sure why.
  4. Gutter Clown

    Wildtrak Question

    Also keep in mind there was a commodity constraint on SAS package and WT comes standard with it. Not sure if this is still true though.
  5. Gutter Clown

    Where am I in line?

    Best to ask a Magic 8 ball... All of past theories are out the door.
  6. Gutter Clown

    The hardest thing is choosing a color next to...

    It looks really good on the Bronco!!
  7. Gutter Clown

    Today at Bronco Nation - Thurs., 5-27-21

    After receiving that email I didn't log back into BN. Didn't want to read anything about it over the weekend. So disappointing.
  8. Gutter Clown

    2 HOUR WARNING!!!!

    You better be sitting beside your keg and topping off frequently :ROFLMAO:
  9. Gutter Clown

    Today at Bronco Nation - Thurs., 5-27-21

    I understand. I am just trying to stay positive.
  10. Gutter Clown

    May 28 email - what info will we receive?

    Should have made this into a poll. It is too early and A would be out of the question. (because Ford is only scheduling about 4-8 weeks out from the production date they are giving to people) B & C are definitely going to be in the email.
  11. Gutter Clown

    Today at Bronco Nation - Thurs., 5-27-21

    Waiting patiently.
  12. Gutter Clown

    SYNC 4 Apple CarPlay review from a 2021 F-150, is this what we can expect for the Bronco?

    Hahaha. Symc 1 is Dial up and push button. Sync 2 is touch screen with some hard buttons. Comparison is first iteration of cable internet. lol
  13. Gutter Clown

    Finances while you wait

    Love this idea. I originally planned on $10K down payment and almost at $15K now.
  14. Gutter Clown

    SYNC 4 Apple CarPlay review from a 2021 F-150, is this what we can expect for the Bronco?

    Try Sync 2 lol... I have this in my Explorer and Sync 3 is way faster than what I deal with. Cannot wait for sync 4.
  15. Gutter Clown

    It is May 25th

    Making me very hungry!!!
  16. Gutter Clown

    Stupid things people say...

    I have to keep telling my wife.... She said someone on facebook had one and I had to tell her none of the Broncos like mine are in customer hands.
  17. Gutter Clown

    If Ford could do one thing to make up for this mess, what would it be?

    To be frank Ford doesn't have to do anything for us. Do I want an email saying am I getting a 21 or 22MY, yes! The problem consumers have gotten spoiled and expect something more than what they are purchasing if it isn't exactly how they wanted it or there were problems. (I am guilty of this to)
  18. Gutter Clown

    Will there be a May email?

    Your post is just sad. You think Ford and their suppliers want to be in this situation. Some of the factors are out of their control. COVID has hit many businesses hard. Employees don't want to work during this pandemic. I see "Hiring" signs everywhere. That is only one struggle companies like...
  19. Gutter Clown

    My Ford Dealer is Small

    Depends on a lot of factors. If all builds above you have commodity constraints and yours doesn't you will pass over those and get a build ETA. But if you have constraints your same boats as the others or the ones in front of you don't have constraints they keep their spot in line.