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    Roof basket

    Hello folks! Is there an after market roof basket out there for the Bronco Sport? I would also need the crossbars too I assume? Thanks Ron
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    Definitely here near Fredericksburg? Va.
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    Performance chip???

    Ok folks I'm getting there. I got my front windows tinted to match the rears and also partially tinted the windshield. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm now running on a new set of Michelin Defenders too. Now I'm wondering if there is a power chip for this thing? Thanks for your help! Ron
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    Thanks for all of your replies folks! I ended up getting a set of Michelin Defenders. I stayed with the same size and wheel and gave the Continentals to my daughter inlaw . They only had 6k on them. Bottom line is we're all happy!! LOL
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    Good evening folks! I need some help. I want to change out my tires which are Continentals and upgrade to a better and more aggressive one. I don't what to do a lift nor change the size ( 225 65 17). I also don't what to sacrifice speed rate or mileage. FYI, I'm getting 30.3 mpg. Any...
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    Performance parts?

    Just wanted to hear from anyone that has added any performance parts to their Bronco Sport Big Bend 1.5. Please feel free to elaborate! What did it do for your HP ? Difficult to install? Price? Thanks in advance!!!
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    My new Big Bend

    Thankyou!! I've had a lot of compliments on it. Really glad that I decided on the Big Bend. Love the color , wheels and the extras. Couldn't afford the Badlands edition but that's OK. I'll dress this up a bit more and will be looking for some performances parts as my finances permit. OBTW...
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    My new Big Bend

    How do you like it?
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    Hey folks I just picked up my Bronco Sport Big Bend this past Friday. We live near Kings Dominion . Looking to join up with a family friendly group?
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    My new Big Bend

    Hi Folks! Just traded my 2017 RAM in on this Area 51 Big Bend. Have driven it all around through some nasty weather this weekend and I have to say that it handles great! I love the fact that it doesn't look like everything else on the road too! I was a little concerned about the engine size and...
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    Should I buy a Bronco Sport???

    Good morning!! I just got my Bronco Sport Big Bend! I love this thing!! Traded my 2017 RAM in because of the fantastic deal and price that they put on my truck. Now is the time to do something if you're thinking about it. I guess because of the. chip shortage.