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  1. Slownstddy

    Multiple orders recieved days apart..

    I've recently received three ordered broncos all at once..2 badlands and a wildtrack. I'm excited. But thier not for sale. I wouldn't want to be called a hypocrite....lmao
  2. Slownstddy

    BIG Bronco for sell..

    My wife sent this to me. Check out a 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak Advanced 4-Door 4WD - $72,384 on CarGurus at
  3. Slownstddy

    Lifted demons

    I was remembering my high school days in the 80's the other day and thought about all the poeple who went out and bought toyota 4 runners and pick ups. Then they put 6" lifts and 37" tires. They looked so cool i remember thinking. But then they had issues with weight distribution and bieng top...
  4. Slownstddy

    NON-sasquatch with 37" tires

    Heres a story my wife found.its got some descent pics and a instgram video of inventory waiting in michigan.
  5. Slownstddy

    Rolled a broco sport outerbanks

    My wife sent me this story.
  6. Slownstddy

    Dear Ford motor company.....

    Dear Ford, I'm wanting to Thank you for your effort to create a historic moment in these unpredictable times with the Rollout of an reimagined Icon. The people I've met and cohesion I've witnessed since embarking on the adventure of creating my own version of history, has been all part of the...
  7. Slownstddy

    BRONCO SPORT.... Specs. Accessories....

    My wife, loooking at buying a bronco sport, asked me about the issues it has that may be similar to the big bronco. Such as roof capacity, GVWR, C of G. Tire size upgrades...etc... To be honest, I haven't payed that much attention to the sport. I'm not against it, just singularly focused on my...
  8. Slownstddy

    Used Bronco sports on sale..

    Found this ad on a local site.
  9. Slownstddy

    Gen 1 owners are

    Check out a 1970 Ford Bronco 4WD - $99,995 on CarGurus at I guess y'all just got can sell...sorry.
  10. Slownstddy

    Bronco on fire....

    My wife found this story. I thought id share. "2021 Ford Broncos Catch Fire While Carried by Inaptly Named “Reliable” Trailer - autoevolution"
  11. Slownstddy

    Bronco drag race.

    I found this on youtube and thought it would be nice to share. I dont know where it took place but assume it was in the
  12. Slownstddy

    Merry Christmas To all.

    Merry Christmas to everyone. My Christmas wish is for everyones families stay safe and this holiday season be great enough to push out all the negatives that 2020 has brought. My Christmas gift came early and now it will be time to scedule time and places to play with it. Here are the before...
  13. Slownstddy

    Ford ecoboost lawsuit
  14. Slownstddy

    Bronco nation in youtube...

    I liked this video. Check it out if you haven't already.
  15. Slownstddy

    Thank you Veterans..

    To all who serve and thier families.. Today we remember those whom have stood and those who are standing as an example of strength and commitment to Freedom. Thank you for your service brothers and sisters.
  16. Slownstddy

    Build tool....

    I just logged into the Ford website. The Bronco SPORT build site is up and running. I didnt finish any build but was allowed to choose options. SOON FOR THE BIG ONE....Fingers crossed.