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    22 Lbs Bronco Package???

    Maybe it's 10 Hammocks. Did Calgecko order 10 Broncos?

    Dealers to help current order holders beyond the 'hang in there'

    Usually on Thursdays, around 1000 (Central time). Mine showed up as Scheduled for Production at 1004.

    Dealers to help current order holders beyond the 'hang in there'

    Hey Ford and Bronco Customer Satisfaction Team--how about using that $1000 Customer Satisfaction Program money (or whatever my dealer decides to divvy out) as a down payment on a Hard Top! I changed my order from a MIC top to a Soft Top and voila! I'm pleased to say that my Bronco is scheduled...

    A huge thanks to the Off Rodeo Team

    I totally with your assessment of the Off-Roadeo folks :love:. We also had some issues with scheduling after we made our reservations. We needed to postpone the trip two or three weeks before we were scheduled to arrive. I spoke with Jaime and Patrick a few times and they were always helpful...

    Hard Top

    I'm in the same boat you are. I changed my order from a MIC top to a Soft Top and voila! My build week date is 9/13. The order does include Hard Top Prep kit, which enables me to purchase the Soft Top now and purchase the Hard Top later. The Bronco Order Holder Update (from 6/25/21)...

    Dealers to help current order holders beyond the 'hang in there'

    I wonder if after these "Customer Satisfaction Funds" are dispersed, Ford then reaches out to us (the customers) to see how a dealer treated customers during the wait? This could be money well spend by Ford to really see how their dealers perform, and then 'thin the herd' if the dealer(s)...

    Dealers to help current order holders beyond the 'hang in there'

    According to Detroit Free Press, dealers may be able to get $1000 to assist with the Customer Satisfaction Program. Is there more Swag coming our way? :unsure:

    Bronco Nation Photo Library: Big Bend Medium Sandstone Cloth Interior

    We test drove a BB with the Sandstone and loved it. It looks really good. We would have switched to a WT, but it wasn't available with a soft top (back in July). Switched from the MIC top to the soft top to have a better chance at getting our truck this year. But I'm not crying--The OB we...

    What is the most challenging Bronco Off Roadeo location?

    I should be able to let you know about NH in about four weeks. :cool: I'm scheduled for the end of September.
  10. TEEDEE

    Build date email updated

    I have many of the deadly sins: Sasquatch (with all of the deadly sins it contains), LUX, Tow Pkg, 2.7. I'm really happy that I changed changed to a soft top. --With out changing my order, I believe I'd be waiting until next year. I was dead last at my dealer, with the change, I went to the...
  11. TEEDEE

    Build date email updated

    Ford is obviously working on my OBX. I received my "YOUR VEHICLE IS SCHEDULED FOR PRODUCTION" email last Thursday and the computer generated photo did not show the soft top. I checked the progress this week--to see if anything changed--and the soft top has been added!!! Real progress; one step...
  12. TEEDEE

    18 Aug Scheduling

    It worked for me. I received an email from Ford a little after 10 am this morning, but waited an hour to open it. Then, Woo-Hoo!! I’ve got a build date!!!
  13. TEEDEE

    IS BRONCO SCHEDULING THIS WEEK? (An Explainer) + Ask me your Ford Production Questions

    I feel fortunate! I'm a -84 :rolleyes: BuzzyBud's 'better option' sounds good to me--I planned on the dual top option, way back when you could still order it, with the hard top to be available in 2023. I would even drive to Plymouth in two years to pick it up!
  14. TEEDEE

    Rigid Light Bar + Upfitter System Install and Review From Juggernaut Performance

    Let us know if you hear any additional wind noise or whistles from the light bar, after you go out for your test drive. :unsure:
  15. TEEDEE

    Most commonly missed options

    I initially had the 87E option (for door bags) listed on my order, but I've switched from a Hard Top to a Soft Top (to hopefully speed things along). Now that I have switched, the "Build and Price" no longer allows that option to be chosen (unless the Hard Top is re-added). There is a YouTube...
  16. TEEDEE

    Manual Availability vs Trim Packages

    I’ve been through the Build and Price enough to say this is correct-Badlands is the only trim that you can get the manual along with a package over Mid
  17. TEEDEE

    Manual Availability vs Trim Packages

    I have gone through the "Build and Price" for what seems like hundreds of times to end up in the same spot- either a Black Diamond in its base trim package or a loaded Badlands or an Outer Banks with the 12" screen, then maybe a Big Bend loaded up with a Mid Package. I've forgotten how many...
  18. TEEDEE

    Outer Banks Photo Library - Cloth Roast Interior

    Awesome. I was in the same boat-- I hadn't found any pics of an OB with cloth roast interior and wondered if maybe the dash was different if cloth was ordered versus leather. We drove a Big Bend with cloth seats and a OB with leather on a warm day last week. The cloth did not seem nearly as...
  19. TEEDEE

    Velocity Blue Outer Banks

    That looks like the Bestop soft top for the 4 door. I like the look, but it isn't as functional as the 'normal' 4 door soft top--it doesn't retract like a convertible top. I don't believe it allows you top prop up the back section of the top either. I've included a screen print from an...