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  1. Bronco_Girl

    "Code Orange" for Bronco Raptor

    Has anyone found a picture of this paint code?? I'm really excited about it. I've searched and searched and can't find it.
  2. Bronco_Girl

    Price Gouging Going Down??

    I was out and about somewhere different than where my Ford dealer is at and saw these Bronco Sports. Of course I stopped and looked! They were all very dirty and it was obvious they had been sitting there for a while. Which tells me the excitement for them is dying down. Perhaps the "Admin...
  3. Bronco_Girl

    Make You Laugh While You Wait for Your Bronco

    I want to try something. I thought this would be fun and a great way to de-stress and forget about the delays. I'm going to post a pic and make-up a funny comment for it. People can make-up their own comments to add to the pic, and also post their own pics. THIS WOULD BE ON-GOING. I'll go...
  4. Bronco_Girl

    Sell me your hammock stuff sack?

    Looks like I'm not getting a hammock with the stuff sack. Anyone who wants to sell me their stuff sack, I will pay you for it. :) Just send me a private conversation. EDIT: All I want is the stuff sack, not the hammock. Yes, really!
  5. Bronco_Girl

    Free Renewal to BN

    "As a founding member of the Bronco Nation, we would like to renew you for the 2021-2022 year for free. You don’t need to do anything to maintain your premium status and membership number: We’re taking care of it all for you." Wow, wasn't expecting that! Thanks BN!!
  6. Bronco_Girl

    Hardtop Issues Video

    Jump to 4:30 in for information on the hardtop.
  7. Bronco_Girl

    Solution to Getting in & Out of Your Tall Bronco! FUNNY

    For those of you who were saying you were worried you wouldn't be able to safely get up and down out of your tall Bronco, here you go! :LOL::giggle::ROFLMAO::D
  8. Bronco_Girl

    What Are You Holding-Out For and Why?

    Curious who here in the BN is holding-out on buying a Bronco because you want a different version of it, and what are you holding-out for? I told my dealership I am holding-out to see what the Legacy package will be, and what the MY22 colors will. (lol...I really have no choice since I can't...
  9. Bronco_Girl

    Pictures of a Ranger in Cyber Orange - It's Not Orange!

    I was at my dealership today. They had a Cyber Orange Ranger in. They said it's the exact same color as what will be on the Bronco. I have seen a lot of pictures of Cyber Orange online in many different shades and have been confused about it. I had thought it was a burnt-orange shade. Since...
  10. Bronco_Girl

    Bronco Delayment - Food for Thought

    I know people are disappointed their Broncos got delayed! I am too!! But I thought I would post a thread with "food for thought" on how to see it as, "the glass is half-full" instead of it being, "the glass is half-empty". Who wants to carry around negative feelings? I don't!! Because...
  11. Bronco_Girl

    Video of a Badland's Drive Along in Moab with "King of the Hill" Champion

    I don't think this one has been posted before. It's an awesome video of Loren Healy, a King of the Hill Champion, driving a preproduction Bronco Badlands in Moab! He takes us along as he shows us how to use the off-road features. (I have no affiliation with the channel or anyone on it.)
  12. Bronco_Girl

    Video Showing the Different Models

    This was just posted on YouTube. It's a great video of the different models! I thought people who still can't decide would find it useful. (I have no affiliation with the channel or anyone on it.)
  13. Bronco_Girl

    MIC Rattle-Can Paint Jobs

    Ok, fess up! How many of you my21 MIC hardtop recipients will do this? My Home Depot has half an aisle of just rattle cans in every color under the sun! Would love for people to post pics of their chosen color. Magenta pink? Lime green? Military? Gold with metallic flecks? Barney purple?
  14. Bronco_Girl

    V6 With a Manual

    What are the odds that Ford will offer a MT with their V6 for the MY22??
  15. Bronco_Girl

    Where Are You Adventuring With Your Bronco?

    Interested in where people plan on going with their Broncos! Give specific places. :cool: ROCK ON I will keep my Bronco till I die so I have a long time to complete this list. I plan on going up into the Olympics, Adirondack, Rockies & Cascades to explore EVERYWHERE and go down old forest...
  16. Bronco_Girl

    How Long Will Be Your Length of Ownership

    How long do people plan on keeping their Bronco they have waited so long for? From the moment I decided "yes" to buying one, I knew I would keep it until I die. (hehe) I know one day it's going to be worth $5,000. Will need the engine and tranny rebuilt, etc. etc. AND I'LL STILL KEEP IT! I...
  17. Bronco_Girl

    DEBATE: Is the 2021 Bronco the same as Ford's 1964 1/2 mustang?

    Discussion! Isn't what is currently going on with the 2021 Ford Bronco exactly what Ford did with the Mustang? It also had a mid-year delivery, hence the reason why Ford called it a 1964 1/2 mustang. It also had build issues for the first one. Heck the 1964 1/2 mustang didn't even have an...
  18. Bronco_Girl

    Hello All!

    I'm a bit late in posting as I joined last month but I am sooooo excited about the 2021 Bronco and this club!! I know for certain I am getting the 2-door in yellow/orange, the badlands model with the V-6. The problem? I waited till late August to put in a reservation. So I may NOT be getting...