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  1. TK1215

    Dealer Contract Issue

    That’s a bunch of BS. If you own it outright they have no claim. Once it rolls of the lot and especially if you hold a free and clear title there isn’t anything that ties you to them.
  2. TK1215

    How many people are getting their 2 doors?

    Thanks for posting I was just going back to find that. And in regards to their update saying October, I am gonna call it “ahead of their latest projections” ;)
  3. TK1215

    Today at Bronco Nation: Friday September 17th

    I just went over to B6G for the first time in months. Man there are a lot of people out of their minds. I have a gut feeling that the hard top issues and backlog are quickly being addressed right now. I just want to see all of you early reservation holders taken care of! I am hoping for spring...
  4. TK1215

    Can you build a Bronco over 6k GVWR?

    Unless they build a a new model, say the pick up truck they have previously talked about or say with a monster V8, that will be a hard no.
  5. TK1215

    anyone else notice the HEAD REST ANGLE

    I am pretty sure they are all the same and are spring loaded. Why would they make different ones? If anything it would have to be a PP model
  6. TK1215

    First Look on a Bronco: Hot Pepper Red

    Having now seen several different colors in person, I have discovered that colors I don’t necessarily like or care for actually look much better in person. So I am gonna go out on a limb and say that the new hot pepper red will look spectacular in person.
  7. TK1215

    Wild Horses Off-Road at Off-Roadeo Texas

    Of the Apocalypse!
  8. TK1215

    Model Year 2022 Order Bank

    Good luck and hope to see you out on the trails
  9. TK1215

    Bronco Roof Issues Thread

    If I was you I would just cancel my order
  10. TK1215

    Bronco Roof Issues Thread

    Just like every convertible I have ever seen :love: :love::ROFLMAO:
  11. TK1215

    Base Production Dates

    Congrats! Nice to see some 2dr shipping
  12. TK1215

    What keeps you encouraged to wait?

    What encourages me is the thought of the moment I sit in it and think, “ this was worth the wait”.
  13. TK1215

    I want more Bronco Nation merchandise - how about you?

    How about a Bronco for my driveway?! :ROFLMAO:
  14. TK1215

    New to the group

    Welcome to the Nation! Keep us posted on your build
  15. TK1215


    Those are AM top, rims and tires. So far the 2Dr only comes with MIC top
  16. TK1215

    Base Production Dates

    Any of the top issues? Or did you get a new top for it?
  17. TK1215

    Got a Production Date!

    That just shows that minus the constrained parts and MIC tops, the production line is up and firing on all cylinders. If they can build them with available parts, they are gonna build them. Sucks for those of us who are staying the course with original builds, but happy for anyone who is willing...
  18. TK1215

    Got a Production Date!

    Looks great with the black steelies
  19. TK1215

    Above or Below MSRP???

    Looks great. I always gravitate towards white with black trim. Just a classic look
  20. TK1215

    Time for some accessories!

    Just curious if you have any photos of the supports that you put in underneath. I have ideas about it and it sounds like you did one of the ideas I had. I go back and forth between a heavier wood based foundation that is more of a permanent fixture and a lighter weight support that makes it...