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  1. SlashRacer

    Mansquatch - Mike Levine

    Mike Levine posted this on Instagram a few minutes ago.
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    Bronco Font

    Does anyone know what this font is called?
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    Dealership Order Transfer Question

    My last glimmer of hope. I'm a day one reservation holder who was promised MSRP before I was locked into my dealership when I placed my bronco order. Now that the dealership is seeing what broncos are going for, they are no longer willing to honor what they told me. "Things have changed" was...
  4. SlashRacer

    Production Scheduling Week of 8-2.

    Looks like they are scheduling for the last week of August and all of September this week. I hope everyone gets their build. @ResidualGenius will have the drinking game thread up on Thursday.
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    Buyers Be Ware!!!!

    I reserved my Bronco on 7/13/2020 at 10:17pm EST. I placed my reservation and order at a dealership(Harold Ziegler Ford in Plainwell, MI) that said I would get it at MSRP. Today I cancelled my order with the “stealership” and placed another order with a different dealership who gave me a...
  6. SlashRacer

    MAP Production Week Schedule - wk 07/26/2021

    There will not be any production at MAP this week because of the planned shut down. These are the number of broncos MAP built the last 2 weeks. Broncos: 5,413 2 door: 1,222 4 door: 4,191 Hard top broncos: 3,605
  7. SlashRacer

    Hood/Fender Alignment

    What is going on with the fenders and hood alignment? It looks like the hood sits 1/8” to 1/4” below the fender on ever demo I have looked at. I’ve looked at 5 different demos and they are all this way. Is it designed to look like this or is it an alignment issue?
  8. SlashRacer

    Metal Detecting

    I went metal detecting with a friend for a couple of hours after work today seeings how I knew there would not be emails today. I didn’t find a lot, but I found this 1900 Indian Head penny. You can still ready LIBERTY in the head band. Anyone else metal detect?
  9. SlashRacer

    Under Hood Insulation???

    I have seen some broncos with no insulation under the hood and you can see the honeycomb. Others have the insulation covering the honeycomb. Is there supposed to be insulation under the hood covering the honeycomb or not? For those that have been blessed and have their bronco already....does...
  10. SlashRacer

    WildTrak- Softop

    Stopped by my LFD and their demo came in today. It’s a 4dr WildTrak with a soft top. Ziegler Ford in Plainwell, MI. I may or may not have got to drive it! :love: :love: :love:
  11. SlashRacer

    Week of 7/19/21 Bronco Production Numbers

    MAP is building 2,795 broncos this week. 2 doors - 619 4 doors - 2,176 Hard tops - 1,823 MAP is building 4,435 vehicles(bronco and rangers) this week.
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    Bronco Phone Case

    How many will get this?
  13. SlashRacer

    Ed Koehn Ford in Wayland, MI

    This is the demo Bronco at Ed Koehn Ford in Wayland, MI. If you haven’t seen a Bronco and live near there, swing on by and check it out. 2dr Big Bend with SAS.
  14. SlashRacer

    Bronco Reveal - 1 Year Ago Today

    Today it has been 1 year since the bronco was revealed. Lots of us reserved on 07/13/20. Some gave up trying because of all of the website issues with Ford and reserved on 07/14/20. Others were late to the party. All of us have one thing in common. We NEED a bronco! A small handful have...
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    Ford Bronco Production Pics at Map

    This is a quote from my conversation with a friend of mine who works at map. “I can tell you that there is a guy whose whole job is to take pictures of broncos coming off of our Customer Acceptance Line... he takes the picture of their truck, and emails them to the owner. The first truck that...
  16. SlashRacer

    Week of 7/12 Production Numbers

    This weeks Bronco numbers. MAP is building 2,618 broncos this week. 2,015 of them are 4dr. Out of the 2,618 broncos being built this week, 1,782 are hard tops! This is close to the approximately 30 hard tops per hour I said Webasto is producing, a week or so ago. ;) When you screen shot...
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    Thursday’s Email - Drink, Drank, Drunk!

    It’s that day of the week. Post them if you get one. Every time you check your email, drink up! Good luck to all!
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    How Many Rigs When You Overland?

    When you go on your week long overland adventures, how many rigs do you like to go with? Do you keep it a small group or do you like a lot of rigs?
  19. SlashRacer

    Bronco Financing - Ford Credit?

    I am wondering if anyone financed their new bronco they received already through Ford Credit and what interest rate they are offering?
  20. SlashRacer

    Reduced Rate For First Guest - $395

    To Our Off-Roadeo Community, It has been an incredible first week of Bronco Off-Roadeo reservations! We are thrilled by your excitement to join us in Texas and experience everything Bronco has to offer. We also want to provide even more value, and we’re happy to announce a new reduced rate to...