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  1. wmneill

    Soft top

    Does anyone know if they have an option to switch a 2 door hardtop for a soft top? Or is it still just for the 4 doors you can do that with?
  2. wmneill

    Roof rack

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the 2 door roof rack?
  3. wmneill


    My one thing that I’d like Ford to change is the power point on the dash to be in with the lower trim packages. I don’t need all the adaptive cruise and evasive steering i just want the plug to use with the dash mount
  4. wmneill


    Anyone have any ideas on what the milage might be on the 2.7lL with 35's
  5. wmneill

    The jack?

    does anyone wonder if it should come with high lift jack with the 35's? or what does it come with?
  6. wmneill

    key fob?

    wondering if the keyless fob is going to have a special look or logo kinda like the raptor one
  7. wmneill


    Has anyone gotten any close up pics of the areas where the doors mount and any pics or vids of how to remove and put back on?
  8. wmneill

    NJ Bronco clubs?

    any bronco clubs in NJ?
  9. wmneill

    Bronco height

    I was wondering if anyone has gotten any measurements of the 2 door bronco height with the Sasquatch package? Was wondering if it will fit in standard size garage given the extra lift of tires and suspension
  10. wmneill

    Hitch size?

    Any one know what size trailer hitch it will have? 2 inch Or smaller?
  11. wmneill

    front hard top pieces

    I wonder if you can remove just the rear part of the hard top and have only the front 2 panels in for some shade, on the 2 door model
  12. wmneill

    Does any one think there will be a power inverter option?

    I don’t remember coming across any info on one, unless I missed something