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  1. srick76

    Black Diamond Quick Review

    So I took delivery on Monday the 19th of my BD. We got a 4d, Cactus Grey with the MIC top, hitch, molded floor matts, upgraded wheels and the headliner (although that ended up being free). I was lucky enough to be my dealers priority order so my dates don't really apply although I was early on...
  2. srick76

    Passenger seat question 66-69

    For those of you with a 69 and below, did the passenger seat have the hook and footman loop for 66-69? Somewhere along it's life, a previous owner had the passenger seat welded to the floor. The seats were redone also at some point and there appears to be no hook on the seat or remanence of...
  3. srick76

    Window sticker!

    Well things seem to be right on track. My build date was moved to the week on June 14, and I gotta window sticker this morning! So stoked.
  4. srick76

    Crank in Gear

    So what makes "crank in gear" a benefit to list under the features of the 7 speed manual? I understand hill decent control although with the manual I assume it will only work if you are in crawler gear or 1st otherwise it would buck and stall out if the RPM's got too low, but crank in gear...