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    In production 6/22, delivery 10/31?

    Having ordered a number of "custom" built Fords in the past, it seems that the missing component surrounding the Bronco ordering is that EVERY order is a "custom" and the customer had an expectation for the ordering process that Ford has not met. Certainly some of the communications have been...
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    Production Date

    Bronco Nation has a bit over 3,000 members and a nice following but does the negative comments from a few regular posts really speak for the 100,000+ order placers? Beginning to think the loud ones are getting more attention than they deserve. It really is quite simple, cancel and move on to...
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    Death of ICE Vehicles

    Check two very significant obstacles to widespread electric vehicle use, source and quantity of battery raw materials and electricity production.
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    Which Off Roadeo location have you registered for?

    NH September 23
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    This email got me good…

    An Update from June 15th. Wow that's special.
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    Fourth Off-Roadeo Location Announced: New Hampshire

    booked for Thursday, September 23rd. Can't wait. Really enjoy the Northeast.
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    Limited edition print

    Got mine yesterday, really nice. Wasn't expecting it since I'm not really an "early" reservation. October reservation but order is in from back in February. Close to cut-off for dealer allocation for MY21. So outside chance of getting mine this year.
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    I'm booked for August 16th! Anyone else ?

    booked September 23rd New Hampshire
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    Bronco Nation Update - 16 JULY 21

    why was the Bronco logo gear taken off the "Shop Gear" order page? Where do we go for the Bronco logo gear now?
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    Window sticker

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    Do you call it the Full Size or Mid Size Bronco.

    It seems to be a universal affliction to regularly criticize everything and/or everyone that has a different take. I enjoyed your post as it was presented. Everyone has an opinion just not necessary to attempt to discredit opposing views.
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    Do you call it the Full Size or Mid Size Bronco.

    No doubt about, plenty of co-workers know I'm getting the "Bronco" and regularly tell me that they saw one over the weekend. I then launch into the "that was a Bronco Sport" you would have seen and they give the puzzled look. One guy finally saw the "Full Size" over this past weekend and he said...
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    Auto Stop Eliminator Install

    that is a surprise that the manual has this feature, wonder what would happen if you let the clutch out in between off/on?
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    Bronco Front License Plate Placement?

    Nice surprise here in Ohio. The legislature changed the requirement last year and made it optional for a front plate. So no front plate going on my Base, Mod Bumper to mess with the look.
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    Production Limbo

    fantastic seeing this in your driveway
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    Dealer Mannequin Program

    My dealer has indicated that they plan to invite every order holder to take their unit for an overnight use.
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    Title Revised - Preparations for Possible Off-Roadeo in New Hampshire.

    Fantastic, my favorite state to visit, been trekking here since the mid 70's.
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    Disappointing Range on 2D Broncos

    My original vehicle, special order 1976 Econoline cargo van, short wheelbase, hinged side doors, 3 spd, pop out rear windows, chrome bumpers. 18 gallon tank with 15 mpg, not much different range than the 2dr base, 7 spd, on order. No problem with the range.