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  1. cdrdan71

    2021 Bronco Locker Drawer - Fold Down Table - Console Vault With Juggernaut Performance

    That is awesome and hope they make for Bronco--I like that 2 tiers
  2. cdrdan71

    anyone in Texas take delivery yet?

    There was a 4 door Black Diamond Sasquatch at Autonation Fort Worth (by community college) this morning. Not sure if it was a mannequin or not.
  3. cdrdan71

    Off roadeo $250 credit

    Correct, you can you use it for guest if you have one but email on March 25th said add on’s ,merchandise or guest. So that is where confusion is. But off rodeo said they know it has been elevated and being looked at. Just doesn’t help participants who have gone or are going in near future
  4. cdrdan71

    Off roadeo $250 credit

    Exactly what they told me few hours ago.
  5. cdrdan71

    Off roadeo $250 credit

    Anyone on Bronco Nation had any luck getting this voucher? I'm going this weekend and was just wondering. This email was from March 25th. There is a discussion on other site and its a valid question.
  6. cdrdan71

    Have we seen all OBX interiors except Cloth Navy Pier?

    I ordered a Badlands in Cyber Orange( just hoping I get i this color since I was pushed to 22 model due to allocations) but have always been drawn to the Brown /roast of the Outer Banks. But I think the marine grade will look great with CO
  7. cdrdan71

    Have we seen all OBX interiors except Cloth Navy Pier?

    Ive been waiting to see the brown cloth interior and never seen except on video on Tik Tok
  8. cdrdan71

    New Accessories on Ford Build site

    Just building my Bronco for Millionth time and never noticed the accessories at bottom of build now. I guess Im getting old, these will just make my payment larger
  9. cdrdan71

    Ford Had No Intention...

    I’m not trying to worry about all of this. Am I disappointed—yes. I’m even scheduled for the off-rodeo in 2 weeks. I’m excited about owning my Bronco and haven’t owned one since I sold my 71 before I joined the military 21 years ago. So the anxiety and excitement are driving me crazy. But I’m...
  10. cdrdan71

    Ford's Friday Email: Free Hard Top Prep Kit, Price Protection Extended --- Plus Some Lows

    I don’t understand why reservation holders who cannot get their order converted due allocations at dealer don’t get more pass points. I’m a day 4 reservation but my dealer doesn’t have enough allocations. So I placed my order but it was placed as 99 due to allocation issues.
  11. cdrdan71

    Ford Had No Intention...

    This is crazy that dealer will gets theirs first. My dealer “I only have x allocations “ you are not going to get yours and your a 99 code ….but now they will get ones to sell before mine. So stupid…really thinking about just getting a Jeep
  12. cdrdan71

    Finally an Email from Ford

    Got that email in May, I have no chance of even getting mine until 2022 due to lack of allocations for my dealer. I'm around 195 and I think they have around 140-150 allocations for this year. Im a Day 4 reservation.
  13. cdrdan71

    Bronco Nation Update - 15 JAN 2021

    How do we go about renewing? I haven't received any discount code as of yet
  14. cdrdan71

    US Southwest Northwest Texas Ford Bronco Event - Northwest ORV Park, Decatur, TX

    do we have to sign up or can we just show up.
  15. cdrdan71

    US East Bronco Super Celebration (East) 2021

    Great video, would loved to have been there. Can’t wait for my new Bronco after selling my 71 to pay for college 20 years ago. It brings back so many awesome memories of driving with the roof off and tearing it up in the mountains
  16. cdrdan71

    US East Bronco Super Celebration (East) 2021

    This my build. Wish I didn’t have to wait until 2022.CDR DJW
  17. cdrdan71

    4WP Race Red Black Diamond Build

    Nothing to say ! Except WOW and can’t wait for mine to get to me. I ordered BL cyber orange 4 door and that black sport stripe with my painted black top would look epic!
  18. cdrdan71

    4WP Race Red Black Diamond Build

    Thank you! I can't wait to get mine and start building.
  19. cdrdan71

    50th Birthday swag

    If before 26th 2021 but I’m holding out hope that there will be no more delays. The painted top pushes me out. Who would have thought it was going to take this long