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  1. Seminole Bronco

    Build delay email 5/15 @8:00 PM

    I just got the build delay email from Ford. My June 21st build week just got moved to the week of July 5th. Not the news I was hoping for that's for sure. I know it could be worse just thought I'd share the info.
  2. Seminole Bronco

    Email update 4-8-21

    I just received an email with update. See below. My son and I are so excited and ready for the event in Texas.
  3. Seminole Bronco

    Pleasant surprise. Offical Preview invite from dealership

    I got a nice surprise when checking my email this morning. The dealership that I ordered from sent me an invite to attend a Preview of 2 new Bronco's. 3 more weeks and I finally have a chance to sit in and check out my next ride!
  4. Seminole Bronco

    2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door VIN #001 (Lot #3008) in Lightning Blue with Navy Pier Interior

    Look what I just found! Greenlight (#37240-E) 1/64 Scale 2021 Ford Bronco 2-Door VIN #001 (Lot #3008) in Lightning Blue with Navy Pier Interior Barrett-Jackson 'Scottsdale Edition' Series 8 • Chrome Accents • Metal Chassis • Real Rubber Tires • True-To-Scale Detail • Limited Edition...
  5. Seminole Bronco

    Factory stereo / Speaker sizes

    I looked and didn't see other posts with the information. I ordered a BD 2 Door with Mid Pack. Would anyone know the stereo speaker size and location on the 2 door Bronco? I'm planning on upgrading using JL Audio Marine speakers and was hoping to order in advance. Thank you.
  6. Seminole Bronco

    2021 Bronco #001 to be sold at Barrett-Jackson

    The first production 6th Gen. Bronco is headed to Barrett-Jackson at the end of March, along with a Mustang Mach 1.
  7. Seminole Bronco

    Brandon Ford Bronco page

    The dealership that I ordered from set up a nice informative page that helps answer some of the questions I see being asked often. Hope its helpful for some...
  8. Seminole Bronco

    Ford Horizon Live Bronco Q & A - 11/20/20 @ 2:30 EST.

    My son and I watched the "Ford Auto Nights" Sema show special last night. We got to see all of the Sema show builds along with a few stock vehicles. Ford had a place to register for the first 500 people to be a part of a Live Bronco Q & A. I got the email confirmation this morning and I'm...
  9. Seminole Bronco

    Age range of new Bronco buyers

    I was just reading a post on social media asking about the age group of new Bronco buyers. I'm going to be 48 when my Bronco arrives next year.
  10. Seminole Bronco

    Safety Data- Crash Tests

    I'm curious how safe these new Broncos will be. Looking forward to seeing some data from crash testing once complete.
  11. Seminole Bronco

    Black Diamond logo- Carbon Fiber

    Has anyone else noticed that the Black Diamond logo has Carbon Fiber behind the letters? I am looking forward to seeing if Ford releases Carbon fiber accessories for the new Bronco.
  12. Seminole Bronco

    Here's to new adventures!

    After years of owning other brands of trucks and vehicles I decided it was time to make the move over to a Ford. Timing is perfect with the introduction of the latest generation Bronco. I am excited to see and drive one. Looking forward to ordering mine exactly the way I want it.