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    Looking for positivity

    If the price of a 2021 Bronco tripled, Ford wouldn't have trouble sourcing materials either, because you (and tens of thousands of others) wouldn't have one on order anymore. And you would be bitching about the price hike. Or do you think Webasto should have seen this coming and stockpiled...
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    Looking for positivity

    Do you have any idea how badass my Bronco is gonna be? I may not have a date yet, but it's coming! A year from now, nobody (including me) is gonna care about this little delay, they're just gonna be jealous of my Bronco and wish they had ordered one too!!
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    Looking for positivity

    Yep, Ford is currently shipping customer orders of Broncos in Spring of '21! Sure, we wish it happened sooner, but it's happening now!
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    Ford Issues Okay to Buy for the 2021 Ford Bronco

    Ford says 4-6 weeks, but they're trying to better that, been talk of shipping partial loads to speed it up, we'll just have to see
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    Hard Top

    It will not be wired or plumbed for a hard top. There may be kits for that within a few years, but don't hold your breath. The tops will probably be on backorder for a couple years anyway. I'm sure AM will have tow hitches very soon, but wiring will be the problem. My understanding is the...
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    Think the 2022 bronco will have a better engine?

    I don't see Ford seriously entertaining major driveline changes until they get a lot of miles on Broncos in the hands of new owners. Nothing like the real world for some real world testing. Sadly, they haven't yet delivered the first production Bronco, so that real world experience won't happen...
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    Window sticker!

    It's actually happening!!! Doing backflips for you over here!
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    Reopened reservations order date?

    Time to call the Ford hotline about that $100!
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    Order Changed does reflect this?

    Well, they said you'd get an estimated window in may. Your window is "after now"
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    Order Changed does reflect this?

    So they actually wrote a lack of communication into the HTML code on the website...
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    21 Days until my build date....When Will I See My Bronco?

    I need a contract to haul just 1 at a time. Just one.
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    Ford should replace its board of directors with forum warriors

    Yes, the priority build nonsense was straight BS, but that's only a couple days worth of production delay to the rest of us. I get where they were coming from with allocations, but so many of us crossed state lines hunting that elusive availability, they should have based it on the reservation...
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    2 door soft top

    By yourself will be pretty tough, but 5 minutes with a buddy would make it a piece of cake. I think it's over 80 lbs with all panels removed, still pretty cumbersome by yourself
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    Ford should replace its board of directors with forum warriors

    I do, thanks! Still no Bronco in the driveway tho....
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    Ford should replace its board of directors with forum warriors

    BN and the other forum seem to have many members who have it all figured out. They know exactly what Ford should have done to 100% prevent any production delays this year, and exactly what Ford needs to do to have production back on track by the weekend. Their board of directors, every member of...
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    Ford adds Soft Top, Cloth w/Prep Pack to dealership ordering system

    Just so we are clear, nobody knows beyond pure speculation what a "prep pack" is, and probably never will because it doesn't actually exist. But, it was stated somewhere that it is NOT plumbing and electric for the hard top, so...
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    What improvements would you like to see in the future Broncos?

    GMC offers LED grill emblems for their trucks in their accessory catalog, Ford would be foolish not to offer the same!
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    What improvements would you like to see in the future Broncos?

    Not a bad idea for an AM option, I'd bite if the price is right
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    Getting my next pre-Bronco car next week

    As long as your future value predictions hold true, this is a great plan! I like your thinking, and I hope it works out like you expect. You've been around the car market long enough to know how the games work, and it sounds like you're on track to play them in your favor, good luck!
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    Squatch it or not....

    But not the 2.7.... Frustrating conundrum