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  1. lonediver2002

    Build and Price

    I noticed today that there is no option for a lease for the 4dr any longer. Just two doors. Why could that be?
  2. lonediver2002

    10 speed Automatic

    I just noticed that on the Automatic transmission there is a M and saw that means you can switch to a manual gear select. Is that true with all trim levels? I am getting the Big Bend 2.3 with auto.
  3. lonediver2002

    Dealer Refund

    just talked with my dealer and noticed that there was a refund of 100 dollars to my account. he told me due to me converting my reservation to an order he send a refund of the deposit. All is going thought with my order and nothing to worry about. Has anyone else received this from there dealers?
  4. lonediver2002

    Big Bend Video

    Does anyone know when they will be posting a walk-around for the Big Bend. I see they just did one for the Base SAS. Would like to see one done.
  5. lonediver2002

    Trail Turn assist

    Was wondering with the automatic trans, do you get the trail turn assist or trail descent? Or is that only with the Mid package?
  6. lonediver2002

    Demo Team coming

    Just received some info from my dealer Gary Yeoman Ford of Daytona Bch, they will be having a Bronco Demo event pretty soon, He is not sure of the date but with in the next month or so. A team will be there with a couple vehicles. Looking forward to that day. "BUT I did just get notified that...
  7. lonediver2002

    Trail Turn Assist

    Do all trim levels come with trail turn assist?
  8. lonediver2002

    Demo Vehicle

    Well found out today that my dealer will be getting 1 demo vehicle later this month or early April. It looks like it is starting to happen. cant wait to get in a see how it feels. Not sure one which trim level it will be, but who cares.
  9. lonediver2002

    Hero switch

    what are the 3 hero switches for the Big Bend
  10. lonediver2002


    What is the difference between the Rock Craw mode and the 7th gear on the manual transmissions? Would that gear be the same?
  11. lonediver2002

    Swag Box

    Well go and check the mail and find another swag box from my dealer. I guess they give one for reserving and one of ordering. Wonderful surprise. And to top it all off, no added deposit required. this is a good omen.
  12. lonediver2002


    I am pretty sure this has been asked and answered, but after watching all the KOH videos was wondering if all trim levels have the front camera? If not which ones does it start with?
  13. lonediver2002

    MY2021 or 2022

    OK, when will the MY change from 2021 to 2022 to receive the bronco? If orders are received after September is that a MY2022?
  14. lonediver2002

    Drop down table

    is the drop down table on the back door and option or does it come with standard on some levels?
  15. lonediver2002

    drop down table on read door

    I was wondering do all models come with the drop down table or is that an opiton from the dealer. Looking to add the fire extinguisher to it like the way it is shown on most of the videos.