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  1. Kennp

    Dear FORD

    This letter that went out from Ford on Saturday, did it only go out to the people who acually have a build date set, I do not have a build date and I haven't seen this letter
  2. Kennp

    How long does it actually take to build a Bronco and ship out to dealers?

    I had 2 vehicles that were orders in the past and it was between 8 to 10 weeks for both of them
  3. Kennp

    Anyone NOT hear back yet??

    I have a Oct. also, not changing a thing that's what I want on the build, so I'll wait
  4. Kennp

    May date

    The last I heard was May 11th for the announcement on time lines on when we get production dates, does anyone know if that still holds water or are we looking later in May Thanks
  5. Kennp

    What are you trading in?

    No trade just cash I leased a Hyundai 2 1/2 years ago in anticipation for the Bronco by the time I take delivery of the Wildtrak I should have 60 -65% of cash maybe more if it keeps getting delayed
  6. Kennp

    Why did you choose your model of bronco?

    Originally went with Outer Banks, I to go to the outer banks every year for the past 25 years but I change to the wildtrak mainly becaus the seats are better looking in the wildtrak, I got the exact same goodies in the wildtrak as the OB for less money
  7. Kennp

    How Many Broncos Will Ford Build in MY21?

    It's not a vehicle I need, just one that I want so it doesn't matter to me when I get it
  8. Kennp

    Found this Old Girl Creeping around the Barn Lot !!

    Awesome ride fantastic job
  9. Kennp


    I dont think that's it at all, I decided I wanted sasquatch and adding it to the outerbanks compared to the wildtrak would have been a few $ more, with all the same goodies and actually a better seat the wildtrack was less $ I would have kicked myself everyday when I get into it, if I didnt have...
  10. Kennp


    I finally got around today to completely change my trim package from Outerbanks to wildtrak
  11. Kennp

    What is Your Bronco Nation Membership Number?

    #2353 little late but glad I'm here
  12. Kennp

    Bronco Badge (Replace stickers)

    Love the old script and the idea
  13. Kennp

    Wildtrak Production Dates

    Well I guess I really won't get my Bronc till 22 I'm changing my outerbanks no sasq to the wildtrac if I add the sasq to the OB with the other options I chose its $150 more than Wildtrak and the seat options in the Wildtrak are better
  14. Kennp

    Any Interest in a Down Payment Savers Group?

    My Bronc tops out at 56k right now have 24k no trade in If it comes late summer I should have 27k, but it looks like a 22 delivery like to keep payment around 400-450
  15. Kennp

    Ford increasing prices in a shady Build and Price update

    I did my outerbanks to see if it had changed in price and it has not changed
  16. Kennp

    Question to Laura

    Thanks everyone
  17. Kennp

    Question to Laura

    Yikes wish I could find that time stamp
  18. Kennp

    Question to Laura

    So am I reading this right, the time stamp has nothing to do with when you sent your $100 to reserve a spot to order it has all the to with when you converted your order ?
  19. Kennp

    FordPass Points

    Correct me if I'm wrong but when we take delivery of our Bronco, we will get 62000 pass points.
  20. Kennp

    Every Color of Bronco

    The white roof on the Cactus Grey looks great