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  1. Kennp

    May date

    The last I heard was May 11th for the announcement on time lines on when we get production dates, does anyone know if that still holds water or are we looking later in May Thanks
  2. Kennp

    Dealer Broncos

    Has anyone heard if any Southwestern Pennsylvania dealers will be getting a Bronco in the showroom for viewing
  3. Kennp


    From the beginning my mind was made up on the color Area51 went to the dealer last night saw Area51 and Cactus Grey side by side on a Sport I know its 2 different styles of vehicles but I think ill be changing to Cactus Grey. The colors on the build site give you an idea but until you see them...
  4. Kennp

    Order progression

    Maybe someone can guide me, when I reserved the bronco at first there was a order progression timeline if has now since gone away, did they do away with it or is it on a different site or is in front of my eyes and just missing it
  5. Kennp


    Called my dealer yesterday to convert my OB Bronco to an order,he told me he already ordered it
  6. Kennp

    Bronco order

    I have a lengthy ? Which I posed to my dealer with no response so maybe someone out there has an idea. When we all did our initial reservation of the Bronco and someone was #1 and I was #10,000 and #1 himmed halwed around and I converted mine to the dealer 1st, and then he after, does mine order...
  7. Kennp


    Hey Nation I have a probably stupid ? so everyone get there laughs and mems in now, but the number after BN (BN2353) is the number a membership #
  8. Kennp

    Priority code 19

    I tried looking through past forums and to no avail I couldn't find anything about the code. I pre-ordered my Outerbanks Bronco last week and on my form was the wording priority code 19. Could someone let me know what that means
  9. Kennp

    Tube doors

    Hey Nation anyone out there heard any news about tube doors, weather or not they will be available for the 2021 models