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  1. lonediver2002

    Build delay email 5/15 @8:00 PM

    at least you got an email. most are still waiting for the first
  2. lonediver2002

    Build and Price

    I noticed today that there is no option for a lease for the 4dr any longer. Just two doors. Why could that be?
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  4. lonediver2002

    Bronco Nation Photo Library: Big Bend Medium Sandstone Cloth Interior

    sticking with the sandstone with the Area 51. Think it will be good together.
  5. lonediver2002

    What is Your Bronco Nation Membership Number?

    1818 number here....
  6. lonediver2002

    10 speed Automatic

    I just noticed that on the Automatic transmission there is a M and saw that means you can switch to a manual gear select. Is that true with all trim levels? I am getting the Big Bend 2.3 with auto.
  7. lonediver2002

    Order change

    same here made a couple changes, when from a 2rd manual and end up ordering a 4dr auto with lockers and 4.27 diff.
  8. lonediver2002

    Why would you want a manual transmission?

    another good reason for Manual is that it is a thief deterrent these days. most people never learn to drive a stick.
  9. lonediver2002

    With the announcement of 3/25, This (I think) Would Make Alot of Buyers Happy(er)

    why not order it in hard top and then get a soft top of your choosing after from the option list.
  10. lonediver2002

    What’s your dream Bronco Road Trip?

    Refunded the 100 deposit and now need to put 1000 as down-payment No big deal save for that anyway.
  11. lonediver2002

    Dealer Refund

    He said sense i converted my reservation it was refunded.
  12. lonediver2002

    Dealer Refund

    just talked with my dealer and noticed that there was a refund of 100 dollars to my account. he told me due to me converting my reservation to an order he send a refund of the deposit. All is going thought with my order and nothing to worry about. Has anyone else received this from there dealers?
  13. lonediver2002

    What’s your dream Bronco Road Trip?

    Big Bend National park then North Georgia/North Carolina mountains on the way back.
  14. lonediver2002

    Big Bend Video

    Does anyone know when they will be posting a walk-around for the Big Bend. I see they just did one for the Base SAS. Would like to see one done.
  15. lonediver2002

    Trail Turn assist

    Was wondering with the automatic trans, do you get the trail turn assist or trail descent? Or is that only with the Mid package?
  16. lonediver2002

    Demo Team coming

    Just received some info from my dealer Gary Yeoman Ford of Daytona Bch, they will be having a Bronco Demo event pretty soon, He is not sure of the date but with in the next month or so. A team will be there with a couple vehicles. Looking forward to that day. "BUT I did just get notified that...
  17. lonediver2002

    Trail Turn Assist

    that is what I was looking for, So with the BB need to add auto trans,
  18. lonediver2002

    Trail Turn Assist

    Do all trim levels come with trail turn assist?