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  1. FourWheelKyle

    Front CV boot got loose

    I was washing the Bronco the other day, and I noticed a nice big explosion of grease all over the driver side steering knuckle. Upon closer inspection, the CV boot clamp worked itself off the boot and allowed the grease out. My dealer is taking care of it under warranty. Was curious if anyone...
  2. FourWheelKyle

    Cheap Mud Flaps that Look Ace ~$40

    I saw a thread somewhere mentioning the use of these, $25 Ford branded mud flaps for the Bronco, so I thought I'd give it a shot myself. My main concern is protecting the side of the bronco/doors from rocks thrown by the tires. The paint is soooooft. Wider flaps would offer more protection, but...
  3. FourWheelKyle

    GMRS Radio Install

    In this post I go over how I installed a GMRS Radio in my 2022 2 door Bronco. Things that were important to me; I prefer the antenna mounted in the rear, so it can be tall, and relatively protected from trees and branches and stuff. I chose a mobile radio that has has controls on the mic, so I...
  4. FourWheelKyle

    TPMS - How is it?

    When going wheeling, I typically like to take my tires down sub 10psi, for better grip and ride quality. I always pump back up to street pressure when getting back on the street, but my jeep doesn't have TPMS. Has anyone encountered issues with their Bronco when airing down? Is it just naggy and...
  5. FourWheelKyle

    Insurance Costs

    Everybody is gonna have to get insurance one day, for those of you who have a Bronco, share your: Bronco's color Primary driver's age group (young <24, middle age/working age, retiree) State Full coverage/liability only Insurance limits ($60k, 100k, 200k etc) Deductible Your monthly premium...
  6. FourWheelKyle

    Home! - 2dr Badlands Sas, M/T, High+Tow

    Ford gave a squishy date of April 18th, which is pretty rad. Months ago, my dealer told me it was going to be March 28th, but I never got anything official from Ford with that. Reserved somewhere in March 2021, but wanted the manual+sas combo so I held off for a '22. Converted the reservation...
  7. FourWheelKyle

    Frame mounted rock sliders?

    Anyone see any companies making frame mounted (weld or drill) rock sliders for 2-door Broncos?
  8. FourWheelKyle

    Got a VIN# and date! With unusual options!

    Just wanted to pop in and mention for anyone discouraged on options and stuff my Bronco story... Back in March 22 2021 I put in a reservation for a '22 Bronco due to the options configurations I wanted not being available until 2022. Converted the reservation to an order in November, that was...