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  1. Calgecko

    8/1/22 Build Week Support thread

    Ok - who else got their golden ticket with notification of 8/1/22 build week? Man - I'm so excited, I can barely think about anything else. It's been over 2 years since I reserved this thing - I'm not a patient person, so this process has put me through the wringer! Can't wait to see some...
  2. Calgecko

    Bronco Nation gear shop... limited supplies on shirts.. ?

    I'm curious - I want to place an order for some hats and shirts and stuff, and in an effort to maximize shipping costs, want to order a number of things, but some of the things I want are out of stock - any idea when they'll be restocked? Specifically - the Ford Bronco Vintage tee in an XL...
  3. Calgecko

    Lug nuts for fuel wheels?

    I was sitting here thinking about all the stuff I've bought for my Bronco, and my excitement for when it eventually arrives.. then I realized, I've got the new wheels (Fuel Shok), but I didn't get new lug nuts to go with them - and I'll need enough lug nuts for 5 wheels (including the spare)...
  4. Calgecko

    My wife might think I've lost my mind...

    Packages showing up this week - ARB Twin compressor with the underhood mount kit from 4x4TruckLED's, soft top lift assist kit and hood struts from IAG, new wheels arriving this week as well as side steps, fog light kit for the modular bumper ... and I still don't even have a build date yet. I...
  5. Calgecko

    Fordpass points value?

    Just realized I've got 216k ford pass points for using my ford Bronco Visa card for the past year and a half .. still don't have a Bronco ... curious what these points are worth - and I'm assuming I'll get more when I pick up my Bronco?
  6. Calgecko

    Still no Bronco to call my own - so someone got a free photo shoot

    I've been itching to shoot a new Bronco.. and I still have no idea when I'll be getting mine, so I hooked up with a fellow Bronco owner who lives near me - he got his just a few days ago - went out last night for some photos... here's one I've just finished editing.. pretty happy with how this...
  7. Calgecko

    Photo dump from Wild Horses Bronco event at Prairie City SVRA 5-1-22

    I took close to 2500 photos today - here are the final 275 of them - I enabled downloads in the gallery - so if there are pics of you/your Bronco - you can download them. If there are pics you like and you'd like to make a donation to my PayPal account for my time shooting and editing - I'd...
  8. Calgecko

    Photos of Quality issues.. what else?

    Trying to keep all this straight so I have a definitive visual checklist of the issues we know of ... some we won't see right away (like if the 2.7 blows up), but many we can look for at time of delivery..
  9. Calgecko

    Anyone sell a sentimental/valuable vehicle to help fund the Bronco?

    I bought this car (1971 Dodge Dart Swinger, original color is "Citron Yella" - only available in 1971, and only 1% of the Darts came in this color) in 2003, and spent 11 years restoring it and getting it running properly .. did an engine swap (from a 318 to a 360), major upgrades to the...
  10. Calgecko

    gif of 105 Broncos on the production line

    took a little effort because some of the images were square, some were 2x3 aspect ratio and some were 4x5 ... so after cropping each image to 2x3, I created this for fun ...
  11. Calgecko

    Northern CA off-roading options

    Hey there- thought I'd share some of the places I've been going with my truck (not my Bronco - YET) in the Northern CA area. I'm not into rock-climbing, so you won't see any of that - I do enjoy scenic trails that take me to places I can't get in a normal vehicle though. These are all mellow...
  12. Calgecko

    Blipshift shirts - Bronco related

    I dunno if any of you get their emails - but they sent one out today with 4 different Bronco themed shirts. For those who don't know, Blipshift offers a new shirt design each day - all automotive related - and they are only good for a few days until they sell out of that design. Here's the...
  13. Calgecko

    My fleet

    At least Maisto is able to get the top right. Just wish they had Velocity Blue!
  14. Calgecko

    Did Ford get pressured into releasing the Bronco prematurely?

    Seeing posts from people having problems from hard top fit/finish, to wind noise, to going into limp mode after playing in the sand, and other issues - starting to wonder - did Ford rush this thing to market too soon? I know people say that the first year of a new vehicle can be sketchy, but...
  15. Calgecko

    Sharing some photos from Sacramento dealership viewing event

    I went to one of the local dealerships in Sacramento yesterday for the viewing event... nothing really new from what has already been posted. Both models were 4 door soft tops. They had a Cactus Gray Black Diamond with 2.3L engine (non Sasquatch) and a Black Outer Banks with Luxe interior and...
  16. Calgecko

    New Bronco Nation membership numbers... I don't get it!

    Every time I pull up the site, I see the "Latest Bronco Nation Member Number" counter - and one day, it'll be over 100,000 ... and then the next time, it'll be 2,000 something... I don't understand! What is the methodology behind the Bronco Nation member number assignment? does it just randomly...
  17. Calgecko

    ....and, it's done --- Mustang is gone, no more Bronco for me

    Ford just kept screwing things up too bad - I couldn't take the punches any more. Tonight, I pulled the trigger - I traded in my 2016 Ecoboost Mustang for a 2021 Chevy ZR2 Colorado Crew Cab. They made it such a sweet deal, it was hard to pass up .. employee pricing, plus $1000 cash back, AND...
  18. Calgecko

    It's time to start exploring alternatives... looking for suggestions

    This most recent debacle with Ford has pushed me right to the edge of my patience and wits. My anger level last night was through the roof - While I've been beyond excited since I reserved in July, Ford keeps chipping away at that by undermining our trust and loyalty in this process. I'm at the...
  19. Calgecko

    Ford increasing prices in a shady Build and Price update

    for months, people have been asking about the pricing on the 2.7L upgrade, and whether the automatic transmission was part of the pricing for the engine, and we've been told "yes", that's part of the price - today, in an update to Build and Price - if you select the 2.7L engine, you now also get...