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  1. Tahotrvlr

    6/20/22 build week

    ….originally was scheduled the week of 6/6…. Then 6/13…. Then 6/20…. Finally got a VIN number …. Then is says “in production”…. Then called chat line … my VIN/Order# will blend 6/25/22 (on a Saturday) still no Window Sticker…. order: 2dr BL SASQ 2.7 10sp lux (Tow package removed) 7-15...
  2. Tahotrvlr

    US Southwest Overland Expo West

    NOT a Bronco …. But close!!!! Pictures by Bronco Nation’s Matt Russell Thank you Matt for such a wonderful day in the Grand Canyon!!!!
  3. Tahotrvlr

    US Southwest Overland Expo West

    Matt entertaining a squirrel at the Grand Canyon amphitheater Sedona Sunday Group Todd’s Gen I Sunday Sedona run Saturday Grand Canyon group
  4. Tahotrvlr

    Trail Briefs - Northern Arizona

    Todd’s and his gen 1 rig shepard’s our group on Schnebly Hill Rd. Thank you Bronco Nation for organizing this event and especially Robert for his guidance leading our group… Above and beyond expectations!!!! Thanks Again!!!! -Eugene
  5. Tahotrvlr

    US Southwest Bronco Nation at Overland Expo West Sedona Experience - Sunday

    great time Bronco Nation!!!! Loved the Sedona off road with our group!!! Thank you!!! thank you!!! Thank you!!! Robert outdid himself … Todd was a great at keeping our flock together!!! My best to all!!! My best always Eugene
  6. Tahotrvlr

    US Southwest Bronco Nation at Overland Expo West Sedona Experience - Sunday

    Got through the RSVP…. We are in all set for our Bronco Nation Overland Expo Grand Canyon and Sedona Experience …. Hoooo Ra!!
  7. Tahotrvlr

    US Southwest Bronco Nation at Overland Expo West Sedona Experience - Sunday

    Tried to RSVP. I really want to go badly. Coming from SF Bay area CA Can we follow your group?
  8. Tahotrvlr

    MSRP Dealer List!

    I concur…. Walnut Creek Ford…. MSRP!!!! Here is Bronco number one for Walnut Creek Ford Sold for MSRP!!!! Completely stand up Dealership Shahram Tavakol is the Bronco Sales Manager As shown in the photo.
  9. Tahotrvlr

    Poll: Who ordered the Sasquach Package?

    Compatible Gears for 35’s ???? Kind of important…. Also… bead lock capable wheels are nice to have off road. Along with metered Bilstein gas Shocks??? All expensive stuff I personally think … if you want super off road capabilitythe SASQ package is really cost effective for what you get…...
  10. Tahotrvlr

    Poll: Who ordered the Sasquach Package?

    my current Bronco BD, SASQ, mid, soft top, tow, 2.7, 10 spd
  11. Tahotrvlr

    Sasquatch denied

    “After returning from Off-Rodeo…” hmmmm???? To the best of my knowledge, the only way to get a reservation to Off-Rodeo is to either currently own a new Bronco or have a build date from Ford (aka VIN number)…. At least that was the case when they went around the room at the Off Roadeo I...
  12. Tahotrvlr

    Assembly line photo!

    OMG!!! What an incredible Bronco!!! 2 door First Edition in Cactus Gray!!! I can’t keep my eyes off of this!! instant collectors item!!!! This Bronco is magnificent!!!! Congrats!!!!
  13. Tahotrvlr

    We want the Wildtrak door handles to be painted body color!

    I'm so very Happy the you have 1000% confirmed that the 2022 Wildtrak will come with Black Beauty Rings. I think the Black rings look great!!!! Like I said early on: ...I Hope I am wrong.... I think the Black Rings are the Bomb!!!!
  14. Tahotrvlr

    Great Video Oct. 2, 2021 Las Vegas Off-Roadeo

    Kudos to all the folks at the Bronco Off-Roadeo. Best birthday present ever!!!!
  15. Tahotrvlr

    Great Bronco OFF_ROADEO Experience overview (VIDEO)!!

    We were in the Cyber Orange 4dr behind him. My wife bought this for me for my birthday. Best Birthday present ever!!!! Here is our present rig... NV17 was Kyle's Off-Roadeo Bronco... and last pic shows his dad filming him. The Las Vegas Off-Roadeo is an absolutel must experience.
  16. Tahotrvlr

    Great Bronco OFF_ROADEO Experience overview (VIDEO)!!

    Here is Kyle Busby's incredible video about he and his father's October 2, 2021 Las Vegas Bronco Off-Roadeo experience. Had to share with Bronco Nation.